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Monday, September 19, 2016

Empire Blvd - Never a Dull Moment

Hey the Q's no longer on CB9 so what do I care? Here's a note I sent to them earlier this morning, along with a picture of a nasty wreck over the weekend. (If you're new to ridiculous fight AGAINST major improvements by a bunch of novice transportation planners at this outrageously dangerous intersection, here's a primer.)

 Dear CB9 and Transportation Committee and Elected Officials:

Just a little picture to remind us that while CB9 fiddles, Rome burns. This was Washington/Empire this AM - the corner about which members of the Transportation Committee effectively stopped a multi-million dollar safety and infrastructure project from proceeding. This at an intersection that anyone with kids will tell you is an absolute nightmare, and just one accident away from every parent's worst nightmare. Apparently we prefer a couple spaces of parking and slip lane that very few cars even use.

In other developments (literally):

The Parkline (626 Flatbush) has opened its 23 story tower. 120 year old buildings keep coming down. No new affordable housing is being built - only market rate. The Bedford Armory plan has been shouted down. The streets and avenues are looking filthier than ever. The schools are not improving. Landlords are harassing and removing tenants. Longtime businesses are losing leases. Empire Blvd is more of a dump than ever, cutting the neighborhood needlessly in two and providing one of the ripest spots for crime in the entire area. Oh, and no new housing of ANY kind, despite the obvious need.

I wish you all a productive, sane and neighborly year!

tim "theQ" thomas
no longer of CB9
but forever a concerned member of the community


Curious27 said...


Now how can we get Diana Richardson on the case? She's got offices on Empire now and I KNOW she sees the trash EVERYWHERE every day she's in there.

elbell said...

Wait -- you are no longer on CB9? I thought you just left the Committee?

elbell said...

Also, totally with you on schools. Where the hell is District 17? Where is their website? Where is the CEC 17's website? Anything? Just crickets.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I know everyone is probably tired of hearing about it, but it seems the investors of the building on Lincoln have run out of money again and construction has been put on hold. Please somebody tell me different because progress appears to be at a standstill. The scaffolding is destined to live there for yet another year.


Alex said...

I would be interested in tallying up the value in dollars of the projects that CB9 and local activists have rejected, including funds and/or dedication of resources from DOT, DCP, and private foundations.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

I was removed from CB9 for a) voting to keep the DM Pearl Miles b) standing firm on matters of principle that bucked leadership and c) not supporting Eric Adams and his candidates. In typically circular language, Eric's steadfast #2 Ingrid Gordon told me as much in our sit down. I wish neither of them ill will. The hysterical part is that I had only been granted a one-year extension because I filled the second half of a departing members term. The seat was one of Mathieu Eugene's appointees, clearly showing he had absolutely nothing to do with it. The guy considers me his sworn enemy, for continuously raising the profile of his ineptitude.

It certainly wasn't for a lack of work or time or energy. It's okay though. Now I can see the degree to which the political machine runs the show. Actually, it's two machines. One Caribbean American and one African American - they are often at odds. More on that as I peel back the layers. But don't think I don't realize this sort of thing happens everywhere in the city. It is by no means a black thing, white thing, Italian/Jewish/Polish/Hipster thing. Power seeks to consolidate power. Old as the hills.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Oh, and if you want to contact District 17, you will have to call them. Sorry to say that is the only way. But remember, the District is not a powerful thing, really. Each school has considerable autonomy, so if there is a particular school you have interest in, best to get in contact with them directly. Of course if it's about the District generally, sure. But if you don't LIKE the district, then you probably have to go higher up.

I'm now at PS38 in District 15. I have contacts to whom you can ask questions - send me a private note!

Anonymous said...

The building on Lincoln/Flatbush that Josh mentions above: have you taken a close look at the facade? It is literally already falling apart. Particle board chipped and cracked and breaking off, metal supports screwed into it at random intervals and crazy angles (also falling out). I'm assuming that the orange netting is to keep these random bits from blowing off with the wind onto passing pedestrians. It's really distressing to see. Seems like it'll be destined for the junk pile as soon as it's finished (if it's ever finished).