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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Diana Richardson Weighs In On Cunningham/Eugene Race Next Tuesday

Somehow this pic captures DeeRich perfectly
From your tell-it-like-it-is neighbor Diana Richardson, your State assembly-person, whose candor is always welcome in the Q's book. I urge you to read this, remembering that is highly, highly uncommon for a sitting elected official to come out against an incumbent in another office, as incumbents usually win and having to work with someone you worked to defeat is, to put it mildly, a tad uncomfortable and a smidge prickly. carefully! Particularly if you voted for Pia Raymond, an honorable candidate from the Democratic primary who is not on the ballot this time around. Brian is, on the sneaky upstart Reform line.

Greetings PLG:
I feel as your N.Y. State Assembly Member that it is time for me to speak to you personally regarding the District 40 Elections.
  1. I have heard the echos for the need for new leadership in the CD which has a underlay in my AD.
  2. After looking at the election data (Please note I stated data so this is not an emotional statement): PLG SPLIT their vote totally. When you look at PLG as a whole but especially in the Manor, the votes went to Raymond and Cunningham evenly.
  3. I totally understand the split because many of the candidates are good and hard working and to be honest I know them ALL personally (everyone who ran) (One of the reasons I did not get involved and let the community make their own decisions)
  4. Now that the Sept results are in there is only 1 option for change: 1) Vote for the Incumbent Mathieu Eugene or 2) Vote for Brian Cunningham on the Reform line. I have watched many discussions with my name in it as far a party lines go. Let me be the first to tell you that a party line is just that: A Party Line. Did you know WFP endorsed me at 7pm the night before the 12pm deadline to get a party line? Yes, I almost didn't have that line. I created my own line "Now is the time" I was going to run on that line and the Green Party Line. (You can Google the Green Party story) - Had I not obtained the WFP line those 2 lines is where my name would have appeared. 
  5. I recently saw a post where some one suggested "writing in additional names on the ballot when voting". I STRONGLY stand against  the write in of any names because that WILL NOT get you to the end result of the change that you desire.
  6. I know it's difficult when the candidate we support does not win. I have personally been on the end of losing and I know how painful it is.(trust me unless you have run for public office and lost PUBLICLY you don't know how bad it really hurts🙈) HOWEVER- we can't let our emotions cloud logic. This is a number games. 
  7. Again, I've looked at the numbers, if unified again if unified PLG WILL make the difference in this race.
  8. It is not enough to ppst online and engage in back an forth discussion. I am asking everyone to volunteer for they change they seek. Here are some things for you to consider doing. A) Knock on the doors of your neighbors to talk about the candidiate you support B) Make phone calls (aka phone banking) C) Put up a poster in your residential window, lawn or business D) Ask the local businesses you patronize to put up posters and assist them with doing so E) Make a list of 10 ppl and call to  remind them to vote on E-day.
  9. My personal statement - I have more going on internally than you can imagine. In the face of everything I feel that I represented the 43rd AD fully. I can not personally wrap my hands on this race. However, as your elected official if you take the advice I've written above you will have a fighting chance on Nov 7th.
  10. Everyone in this room is capabale of making decisions and I respect that. Note I never told you how to vote. But given the facts I think you know what to do.
- Diana Richardson


Anonymous said...

I urge you to read this, remembering that is highly, highly uncommon for a sitting elected official to come out against an incumbent in another office...

Are you kidding? She demonstrated only that she's a politician. In other words, she spewed a lot of gibberish saying nothing. There's no endorsement of Cunningham in her poorly written commentary.

In fact, she confused the issue with this gem:
Now that the Sept results are in there is only 1 option for change: 1) Vote for the Incumbent Mathieu Eugene or 2) Vote for Brian Cunningham on the Reform line.

Aha. One option for change, according to Richardson. But she offered two. And the first item on her list is voting for the dope. After that, she notified voters they could also vote for Cunningham.

What the heck is wrong with her that she can't get out there and beat the drum for Cunningham? Why can't she urge people to vote for a reasonable person? What's with her wishy-washy blather?

Here's what's wrong with it. When the dope wins again, she'll be able to cover her buttocks by saying she only encouraged voters to use their best judgement before voting. Vote with your head, but not over it, or whatever. Nowhere does she state unequivocally that she endorses Cunningham.

Defeating the dope would require vetting all the Democrat voters in the district and booting out the illegals.

Anonymous said...

At least the BKLNER publication calls a clown a clown...

Ineffective Councilman Claims To Have Been Working With DOT For 4 Years On A Crosswalk, Crosswalk Still Not There

Alex said...

I'm with anon #1. She needs a copy editor, and her statement is barely coherent. She would have been better off saying nothing.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Huh. I understood her perfectly well, though she may not have majored in writing. You put or remove a word here or there and your misreading becomes perfectly coherent. For instance, she presents #1 and #2 as options and suggests that there is only one that is for change. Sure you move words around or add one it's CLEARER, but it's hardly difficult for one to know what the hell she's saying.

Methinks y'all are willfully looking for problems with her mediocre writing. She's writing like she speaks, and I find it refreshingly candid and colorful. Were she writing things I disagree with, perhaps I'd be harder on her.

But she was elected to lead and legislate, not to write for the NY Times.

Anonymous said...

But communication is important, and this is far from clear or coherent.

And she allegedly attacked another person with a broom -

She probably should not be speaking for any of us. Or at least until she can explain why that would be acceptable behavior.

Is this not still ongoing? And if so, shouldn't every article about her mention the possibility of conviction? Or, at least, people probably want to know how their elected officials feel about assault...

Alex said...

I gotta say... I have not been impressed with her leadership style, either. "Kill the deal" is, in my opinion, a terrible approach to a development that in many respects is a boon to Brooklyn. Branding her anti-armory discussion group as "Civic Minded" seems like a willful misnomer (full disclosure: I've never attended).

I do not see her bringing funds or programs to the district. Instead, I see her fighting against funds (for a rec center) and programs (opportunities for affordable housing and homeless assistance).

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Actually she has gotten some cool stuff down around violence, and continues to organize around tenant's rights issues. To each his own. I like her style.

Civic Minded is much broader than "Kill the Deal." By the way, "Kill the Deal" is a tactic brought by your friendly neighborhood activists. It's a long-storied tradition among groups like NY Communities for Change and by extension Occupy, CHTU and Black Lives Matter to go for the jugular, with terse tough messages. That's how you cut through the clutter, though I agree the message seems harsh and negative when what we want is what we want, not what we don't-want. er...

I happen to think that this tactic does not apply well to the Armory. But I'm less outraged and more perplexed about why city land goes so quickly to private developers. It seems too easy to me, when we spend tens of millions on homeless housing. Why not create permanent housing for our poorest residents, many of whom do the grunt-work we middle-class folks refuse to do? Yes, yes, naysayers, some people take advantage. But the vast majority of public housing families have working people living within. NYCHA gets such a harsh rap, when it fact it's one of the few truly progressive things happening in this city - housing for the poor. Talk about old-fashioned liberalism, and god bless it.

Jacob said...

The city is limited in it's ability to produce new NYCHA housing by the Faircloth act. See here: