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Friday, May 25, 2012

Spring Has Sprung on the Flabenue

New shoppes, y'all. The Q and a neighbor were quarreling whether the shop opening in the old State Senator's office space (575 Flatbush) would be a 99 cent store or a cell phone store. Well, guess what? It's BOTH! What a brilliant move, combining two of the area's greatest needs in one convenient package. AND they're buying and selling old video games. Open very soon:

The great smoothie wars of summer are about to heat up (cool down?) now that B'Fruitee has opened across the street from the soon to open Purple Berry. The Q had no idea there was so much pent up smoothie demand, but we love a good fresh icy juicy beverage as much as the next blogger. Let us know how B'Fruitee compares to your favorite Smoothie Operators (apologies to Sade, who for the record, loves carrot/mango/banana, among others).


Rudy on Winthrop said...

May I suggest, apropos the video game store in the former office of Sen. Adams, that the Q head up Flatbush after sunset some evening, and videotape the video game store's nighttime signage, and post the video here? It's part Dance Dance Revolution Megawatt Extravaganza, part Super Mario Universe Laser Light Experience, part Atari circa 1983. But it certainly puts the awe back into awning.

ElizabethC said...

that sounds pretty cool!

babs said...

B'Fruitee makes very good juices (smoothies aren't so much my thing) and are getting wheatgrass next week. Really nice owners, too!

Anonymous said...

Might be nice if they were to have a soft opening. Hint. Hint. Sunday, June 3rd LMA-sponsored house tour day.