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Friday, May 11, 2012

Their Loss, Our Gain?

Moses Fried, the owner of somewhat-soon-to-be-up-and-running long-stay hotel at 205 Parkside, was forced to take down the signage at his dirty little hotel, the Lefferts, up at 127 Lefferts Place at Classon in Bed-Stuy. Jonathan Butler of Brownstoner lives nearby and has been "on the case" for nigh on five years now. Here's the latest from his blog: Brownstoner on Moses.

If Mr. Fried is feeling thrifty, he could just lug his old sign over to Parkside Avenue, affix it to his new brothel, and call it Lefferts as well, referring this time to the neighborhood rather than the cross-street of its last home.


Anonymous said...

Well after a home birth, placenta encapsulation, 24 months of babywearing, three years of breastfeeding-on-demand, five years of co-sleeping, paying a nanny and then paying the Apple School for pre-k, there is no way that Mommy is going to allow little Rivington and Coral go to any but the very best schools. They do value diversity, but not at the price of a great education. I mean, why else would move to a neighborhood with so many dusky people or have a Caribbean nanny, who is completely like one of the family? They are even considering adopting, from China or Ethopia. They love diversity. And as soon as they find a diverse community that lives and parents in exactly the way they do, they'll be happy to send their kids there.

Anonymous said...

Hanging outside the middle school on 7th ave in Park Slope the other day adjusting something on my kid's stroller we got surrounded by a group of boys shouting every curse word and N-word insult there is all in a span of one minute. On other occasions I've seen really nasty scary fights broken up by cops in front of that school. All schools are not alike. Truth.