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Monday, May 14, 2012

This Just In: ConstructionKids Not Bolting

In riveting news, popular learning center ConstructionKids has hammered out a deal to stay at Phat Albert's as its "second location." Having nailed down an extension to its lease, local parents won't feel screwed out of a favorite local educational enrichment program. Their previously announced move to the Navy Yard threw a wrench into some moms and dads plans for junior this fall. Some told me they had already braced for mindnumbing Saturday playground hangs, but ConstructionKids' Deb Winsor tells the Q:

We had such a great response to our summer camps, so many great Brooklyn families, that we are keeping the Phat Albert space to offer a second ConstructionKids we call it, the Prospect Park camp!  We are delighted to keep the space near the Park, a perfect compliment to the Navy Yard space.Thanks to all the great PLG support, it was with a heavy heart that we took on the wonderful Navy Yard space 3 months ago, and now we can have both!

 You know the drill. Here's a pic ripped from their website:


ElizabethC said...

You don't need to keep hammering away at it!

Anonymous said...

Such great news Constructionkids didn't bolt after all!

Their website isn't updated yet with the PLG location Summer camp info. Should people just call who are interested?