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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Well...hello Ray!

Walked by the corner of Maple and Flatbush lately? It's a bit disorienting, since longtime hooligan bodega Ray's cleaned up its windows. The Q has heard many rumblings through the years about nefarious activities wherein the cloaked Ray's has been implicated. Recently, and maybe still, a ferocious pit bull has been chained up outside by a really mean looking dude who is not much of a people-person. By extension, the dog is apparently not much of a people-canine.

In celebration of the cleanup, the hippies (on Rutland - you know who you are!) might sing..."LET THE SUNSHINE IN! LET THE SUNSHINE IN. THE SUNSHINE...IN!" It's a welcome change, and even the old sign looks quaint as a result. And hey, even drug dealers are prone to rickets. Let the sunshine in, indeed.


MadMommaCarmen said...

Unfortunately, the drug dealers have moved to 122 Fenimore.

ElizabethC said...

Was the dog aggressive or did he just "look mean" by way of being a pit bull?

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Actually pit bulls are usually quite sweet. No, this dog was growling and barking menacingly at passers-by and looked like he was ready to bite off his own leg to get a mouthful of toddler. It was clearly an aggressive act on the part of the owner.

ElizabethC said...


babs said...

That huge menacing grey dog w the red eyes is NOT a pit bull - it's a bullmastiff - way bigger than a pit. As noted, most pits are total love bugs (seriously).

Re 122 Fenimore: According to the HPD Online Portal, the building is owned by Abrera Corp.; the emergency contact is Abraham Schwartz, at 543 Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg 11211.

This is the same address as that for 11 Maple St., the Ray's Candy Store building, although ownership is a different corporate entity. I'm sure at least some of the members are the same, however.

Anyone noticing a pattern here? Anyone up for a visit to 543 Bedford Ave to express our concerns in person?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say there's nothing to celebrate. The other day I saw the same drug dealers that always hung outside Ray's had just moved to the liquor store on the other side of Maple St. The one in the bandanna has been seen taking big stacks of cash from cars. Funny how we can see that just walking by but not the police.