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Thursday, May 10, 2012

This Saturday - Flowers For Flatbush Needs You

The good folks at PLG Civic (and many other local groups and electeds) have created an amazing day (and poster!) for all of us to head out to the Flabenue and do our part to make it look all purty. In particular, if you can help "man" the check-in tables at the four stations along Flatbush, that would be incredibly helpful.

Skei Saulnier says they need at least four more people for check-in duties. You'd have to get a bit of extra info before the start of the event, but generally it'll be a chill gig getting volunteers started on their jobs. You can plain old volunteer to work too of course. Contact Skei at PLG Civic's email. Or just show up.

Also, if you have experience as Street Tree Steward, or just happen to be an expert at taking care of them, you could help show people how to care for the trees in the long-run.

See you Saturday from 10AM!

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