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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Flatbush Street Fair - August 5

From FEPMA comes this poster and request for your input and support for the Flatbush Avenue Street Fair on Sunday August 5th. Call 718-282-2291 or send Delroy Wright an email.


Anonymous said...

It woukd be niceif the music wasnt so loud that I can hear it in my apartment two blocks away. I might be willing to go and spend time there if it wasnt so loud. Often I just quickly walk down the ave get my food and flee - it really hurts my ears.


Anonymous said...

*can't hear it from my apartment


Play Kids said...

Unfortunatly, Play Kids won't be able to participate that day (it's one of the only weekends Carl and I will both be out of town).

Though, I'm working on organzing a "Play Kids Summer Bash" on a different date. More details to come.. (if anyone wants to contribute with activites/ideas please let me know)

And, yes Jen, I agree the music is usally way too loud.


MadMommaCarmen said...

I hate to say it, but I greatly dislike this "street fair". I put it in quotations because for the last few years, its just been super loud music and people wandering about. Each year the merchants involved are less and less and its gotten to the point where I prefer to avoid the neighborhood altogether rather than partake in the festivities.

Gary said...

Hardly worth calling it a street fair. Any of the neighborhood block parties is far superior and better attended.