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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Please Come! Environmental Protection Committee Meeting This Thursday

You've read the rants on trash. And maybe f**cking fracking gets your blood boiling too? Then come on down to the next Environmental Protection Committee meeting of Community Board 9, this Thursday at 7PM at 890 Nostrand near Union Street. We're talking further "action plans" on garbage, and how to get more from the DSNY. We'll also be learning about potential hazards from fracking that you may not yet be aware of, from an expert in the field - she's asking that we sign a letter urging City Council hearings on a proposed pipeline to and through the Big Apple. Details below. Come one come all! (Anybody else fed up with honking?)


Anonymous said...

Gosh, darn it, so many things going on this week/weekend that I want to be a part of, but alas I'll be out of town. I hope people show up.

Alex said...

Tim, I can't make it but please post for assistance if any follow-ups come out of the meeting.