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Saturday, June 22, 2013

And now...foreclosure?

And so the saga continues. I was just going to make a vow to start focusing more attention on my homestretch of southern Lefferts when an eagle-eyed reader snapped this pic attached to the door of the building owned by Rong Ge.

On the one hand, I suppose the financial difficulties of one of our neighbors is really no one's business. But as the Q as pondered before, the financial difficulties of this particular landlord and this particular building, have been tied the dreams and aspiration of northern Leffertsians for years. I'm quite certain that more than $100,000 in neighbors' duckets pour into the tills weekly via the four businesses in Ms. Ge's building. And so, one wonders, after bizzes have gone up for lease, then mysteriously disappeared, and Rong's own house is for rent...what the heck is really going on? Owner of LPT Jim Mamary won't talk to me, but workers have, and I see him loading boxes in and out, suggesting he's not exactly rolling in dough either.

I'm not really asking for speculation or mean-spirited gossip. Just saying it's quite the sitch.


Anonymous said...

wait, what? this is the Wholesome Gourmet building?

Anonymous said...

BH3 trust appears to be in the business of buying bad loans.

A look at ACRIS ( shows Flushing Bank recently assigning the mortgage to BH3. (Block 5024, Lot 67)

Incidentally the prior named property holder is "Solaris Properties, c/o Edgar Friedman," not Rong Ge.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Anon 1:43 - Solaris is Rong Ge. When you read those docs, you need to know that it's very often an LLC listed.

Anonymous said...

Maybe so. It looks from ACRIS that Rong Ge has transferred other properties to Edgar Friedman.

Anonymous said...

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