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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Brian Fernandes-Halloran Solo Exhibition


Remember that dude who led the charge for the Pop-Up Gallery at the old Mike's International on Flatbush, the space that's become the hair place "feel?" His name is Brian Fernandes-Halloran, also of PLG Arts. Brian is a super guy and his art is both approachable and full of criss-crossing layers of meaning and sophistication. (That's me being a visual art critic, and to quote Will from the musical "Oklahoma" That's About As Fur as I Can Go.)

The opening for Brian's big show is happening tomorrow, Friday, on the island of Manhattan (bridges and tunnels have been specifically designed to get you there), and I encourage you all to go out and support our local hero.

Old Toys and Lost Friends

Opening Friday June 7th, 6-9 PM

287 Spring Street Gallery & Performance Space

287 Spring St. NY, NY 10013 

It may rain, but studies show that assemblage works actually look better on rainy days :)
here are some links:
FRONTRUNNER Magazine Interview about the work
Facebook Event page for the opening
287 Spring exhibition page

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