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Monday, June 3, 2013

ICH - End of An Era

The little coffee shop that could never really did. So many times I wanted it to be, but Abdo didn't have a Bohemian Barista's hands, his touch was more like that of a Digital Geppetto. He's now returned his shoppe on Parkside to a less complicated straight up computer repair joint. I can attest to his skills and good prices, and now his signage accurately reflects the work going on inside. I still miss the good bagels and coffee flavored coffee (he used an old-fashioned "restaurant-style" brewing technique) but I wish him luck in his more pure vision for repair work. Don't schlep to Tekserve; go to Abdo and spend your duckets locally. (I'm suddenly reminded of long departed blog Across the Park and a piece Alex did on Internet Coffee Shop many, many moons ago before ICH even opened. It's still filed away on a corner of the interweb, six years being an eternity in the blogosphere.)

Then there's this joint below, also on Parkside, which seems to be going out of business. I've never seen a Western Union Check Cashing Digicell EZ Pass store having a going-out-of-busines "fainal" sale before though. I had fun imagining them heavily discounting telegrams and EZ Passes, til I realized they also had a lot of what was probably quickly unloaded and turned-to-cash jewelry. So maybe they're trying to just as quickly sell it back. Hey, and if they make a little money on the deal, that would be a great business model. They could even hold it for awhile as collateral and sell it back to the very people who they got it from at a hefty mark-up, then sell it if need be when the original owners can't pay up. That's a million dollar idea, Q!

Oh, wait. That's a pawn shop.


David said...

Speaking of pawn shops, I stuck my head into the place being renovated next to the liquor warehouse on Lefferts and asked the guys working what was in store... Pawn Shop.

ElizabethC said...

yeah. Parkside, looking kinda down these days :(

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Anons at 9:38 and 9:47 I'm giving you an hour or so to give us some real names, or at least fake screen names so we can follow your mean-spiritedness through the comment threads. Otherwise, I'm taking down your comments for being ignorant and unfunny. The latter is what I truly can't forgive.

Anonymous said...

To Anons 9:38am and 9:47am,

If you hate the place so much, then why don't you move to Brownsville, East New York, or Bedford Stuyvesant?

I'll give you both a week until you both start running back with tears in your eyes.

Anonymous said...

A couple doors over from ICH on Parkside is a really great comic book store. They sell superhero and Transformer action figures too, for those whose kids love all that.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

That's Lee. One of the stalwarts to be sure.

Anonymous said...

I missed that about Lee Duch before. Nice piece. Hope he's doing sufficient business here. We'll stop in and buy something from him this weekend. Think global shop local.

Alex said...

Has the building on Lincoln received their public financing yet? Anyone know?