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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sign off, sign on.

Ahoy! Any typesetters out there know what font that it? I kinda miss the old hand-done sign. But I kinda don't.


Anonymous said...

looks like a variation of Britannic Bold

ElizabethC said...

Ah, the pharmacy that closed for business all weekend. I told them that was a ruinous business plan.

diak said...

I think it's called Wedonotcare Bold Sans. They couldn't even remember that Parkside is one word.
Sign-making was, at one time, a true art. Even for small shops. Now mostly horrible visual pollution.

(But yeah, agree with Anon 12:03; a signmaker's clunky version of Britannic...)

babs said...

I think they were Orthodox, so they couldn't be open on Saturdays, but why not Sundays?

ElizabethC said...

They were open on Saturdays initially, and then with no warning decided to close on Saturdays AND Sundays. (Since I work past 7 on most nights that made it almost impossible for me to get my refills on prescriptions I had dropped off). It wasn't religiously based: According to them, "no one came in on the weekends so we stopped opening then". Frankly they did so little business I wondered if they were some kind of front.