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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

To Become...

From a real estate listing:

272 Hawthorne St Brand new DEVELOPMENT LOT in Lefferts Gardens! be a part of the building boom going on in this most sought after neighborhood. The lot is 40x106 zoned R6 with a Far 2.43 or 10,000 square feet , there is the possibility of increasing the FAR to seven stories with off street parking or high lot coverage, allows for more apartments than might be achievable under height factor regulations. Sanborn map 310019, tax map 31601. Call now for this unique opportunity!

 BK to the Fullest has this to say about it. As a commenter noted, the empty lot that was next to it is already going up as a Fedders. The picture below is from Google street view. They can't keep up, obviously.


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Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure the vacant lots in the photo are under construction as a row of Fedders buildings.