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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

96 Parkside Avenue - The Peristyle

Things to share that the Q did not know. First, the Parthenon across from the Parade Ground is called The Peristyle. Second, it has an address - 96 Parkside Avenue. Third, it is likely part of the ghost situation at 123 on the Park, at least in the sense that ghosts go there to play croquet, since this is also apparently known as the Croquet Shelter. The wickets are likely ghosts as well, for I see no way to append them to the floor.

Then this wonderful postcard via Montrose Morris in her piece on said Colonnade:


MikeF said...

Ghosts enjoy croquet in part because it is a sport that enjoyed widespread popularity for a significiant length of time; they were alive as people during the period it was popular.

For this same reason, you will rarely find ghosts who blog; They would have had to die recently.

The proportion of dead bloggers to dead croquet players is tiny.

diak said...

Sadly, all too often The Peristyle is more like The Pigsty-le. Weekend picnickers just trash the place. Stop by next Tuesday morning and you'll see...

Anonymous said...

I can never be polite about those picnic and BBQ litterers. Theyre awful. Nothing lets you off the hook, everybody can clean up same as everyone. They know full well somebody else will have to clean up after them but they do it anyway. It is just trashy behavior. Yes I intended that pun and in fact delighted in it.