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Monday, May 11, 2015

It's Mindboggling Really

Today Rachel at DNAInfo rounded up the latest 13 developments happening in the CB9 area, adding to her latest compilation of 15. This is much more handy than my slapdash noodlings and I appreciate that.

But if you REALLY want to have your noggin' shot off its perch, slop up a heapin' help of this mind-blower from Jacob G.

Far be it from me to suggest it, but don't you think a community undergoing this crazy barrage of building might want to do a Planning Study with the City to see what's to come of it, and maybe demand some goodies for the longterm health of the community? Nah. Let's just wait and see how it plays out. Wouldn't want to rush into anything, now would we? I'm sure the developers will wait for us to get our act together. They're due for a nap now anyway.


Alex said...

But Tim, if we work with DCP, we'll end up with increased density! The neighborhood will turn into Times Sq.

Is that what we want for the future of our jewel?

Anonymous said...

Density is scary!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh.

diak said...

Times Square, you say? 20-screen megaplexes! Wax museums! Applebee's and Hooters! Sidewalk caricature artists! Free comedy showcases!
Employment opportunities abound...

OK, resume napping.

MikeF said...

A few years ago, those of us in Crown Heights wrote a guide for those of you in PLG: