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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Newcomers: Yes, You're Entitled to Vote

Don't let your recent change of address scare you away. You're entitled to vote in today's special election by affidavit if you live in the 43rd Assembly District. The forms will be there at your polling station. If you want to know where to vote, go here:

It's pretty simple. You're probably going to either PS375 on Sullivan & Franklin, PS92 on Parkside tween Bedford and Rogers, or PS249 - the Caton School - just south of the Parade Ground. But look it up to be sure.

Affidavit votes get counted in a close enough election, which this will probably be. So vote, y'all! This is about our future, our present, and whose mug we're going to have to look at for the next, I dunno dozen years or more.

District map:


babs said...

Don't forget the Methodist church on Fenimore & Rogers - it's where a lot of us who used to vote at the school on Empire & NY are now.

jessica said...

Or the Crown Heights Branch Library.

Don't assume you know your poll site - look it up to be on the safe side!

esteban girĂ³n said...

also the Lenox Baptist Church on Nostrand and Lenox Road!

The Snob said...

Lefferts II neighbors are still voting at MS 61 on Empire and New York Ave.