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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Meet the New Bedford Ave

A number of projects will be coming to Bedford Avenue in the next couple years. This is a bit of a sneak peak. The corner of Winthrop and Bedford has been vacant for many years following a tragic fire. This rendering shows a very "Crown Heights" use of a thin lot. Expect lots more. Number of means-tested units priced significantly below market? Zero. That's okay though. Because we're the sort of neighborhood that's prepared to take years reaching a consensus that will likely never emerge to decide what sort of hopes we have for the future. After returning from your summer vacation at your delightful Upstate fixer-upper, perhaps then will be a good opportunity to sit down over a chai latte and discuss whether we want to build affordable housing around here.


Anonymous said...

I like it. Thankfully the homes in Lefferts Manor are historically protected. I don't mind the new construction here and there... cities change. Are the Ditmas Park victorian homes protected?

Anonymous said...

Tried to explain it to people, tried to help, they're not getting it. Nothing more you can do. Having seen the crazy stupid pandering politics here for nearly a decade I myself don't care and don't pity anybody anymore. Let them build.

Bob Marvin said...

Anon. 2:24 PM,

Yes, Ditmas Park is an historic District.

Alex said...

Anon, totally agreed. I fear that the non-protected bungalows across the street from me on Lefferts are not long for this world. Only positive is that whatever takes their place will cast a shadow over Sterling.

Anonymous said...

Is the class pandering really necessary? Chai lattes? Upstate proprties?

Clarkson FlatBed said...

I'm sorry your sense of humor and mine don't mesh. Perhaps we shouldn't date.

If you hadn't noticed, I take offense at the idea that a few Manor homeowners have decided what's best for the rest of us and have somehow convinced the neighborhood that it should wait until God-knows-when to start a discussion with the City about our future. I'll give them the six months they requested, actually to the end of the year, but after that I'm gonna give them hell for lying about how long it would take. God knows I've had to endure a lot of grief for my own beliefs and suggestions.

I wish them no ill will, but I reserve the right to poke fun for now. Also, if I weren't able to see myself in the "class pandering" I'd be a lot less comfortable throwing rocks at glass houses.

Anonymous said...

Do you own property upstate?

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Two acres near Andes. No house, but one day maybe a yurt! We usually go to Vermont for two weeks in the summer. Keep the questions rolling...I'm an open book.

Who's asking? Plus, did you even read the sentences that you're referring to in the post? So touchy!

I don't care for chai lattes though. I'm a Bustello kinda guy.

Anonymous said...

While being part of an historic district certainly helps, it is the zoning that makes or breaks the future of single family homes. If this administration changes the zoning, now that would be a problen.