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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Union Hall for Flatbush - The Nest

Charlie Kasov and Tyler Fischer

Underground comedy. Well alright then. Appears that Bluebird Cafe has a basement option, and you'll be able to head downstairs for some yucks, courtesy of funnymen Charlie Kasov and Tyler Fischer. Maybe bands to aren't far behind? If you've been to, or played at, Union Hall on Union near 5th Avenue in Park Slope, perhaps you'll get the vibe they're after. Without the bocce. Starting Saturday. Read all about it:

And it's called The Nest. And there's music on Wednesdays. Who knew?


cheryl on parkside ave said...

Proud to say Tyler Fisher is my tenant, Parkside Avenue resident funny guy!!!

Dynishal said...

This may be fun, but can it match the random craziness of the comedy shows Charles Star brought to LPT? I loved watching him as the self-sacrificing emcee, trying to capture a crowd that was mostly there for the margaritas & nachos. That night Wyatt Senac got scared & fled before his set. Good times!