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Monday, May 4, 2015

Send Diana Richardson To the NY State Assembly

 Here's some video of Diana talking to Brooklyn Independent Media, and she's the candidate I wholeheartedly endorse.

For some comparison, here's Diana and Shirley at the PLGNA forum, thx to videographer and neighbor Barnabas Wolf, finally available just in time for perusal:

Shirley Patterson

Diana Richardson

Then the NY1 debate that includes Menachem and Geoffrey.

Look, there's nothing inherently wrong with the other candidates. They are capable people who are leading interesting and thoughtful lives. But Diana wants this gig. She wants to make her mark, and her enthusiasm is fun to be around. Yeah she's gonna butt heads with people. She's edgy. She can be funny and sarcastic. But she's Brooklyn through and through. Don't tell me that personality isn't part of this thing. People dig Diana because she's genuine. Keep your eye on her; she's going places. And I kinda dig that she's not the insider candidate. Always good to mix things up a bit.

In this very, very strange election, we have a rare opportunity to choose the outsider candidate, the one who speaks her mind and (I believe) really IS unbossed.

This is a kinda a big deal folks. People have a tendency to go to the State Capitol and stay there a long, long time. It may be forever before you have a real choice in the matter. Speak up. Send a signal. Vote DR.


Sadie Malbone said...

Really? Listen to what Diana says. It's not that impressive. She criticizes 421a—wow, that's original. She wants to adjust Area Mean Income, and that's just stupid. It's how you use the AMI that counts. Yes, the AMI is high, but we can get housing for people who need it by allowing for units at, say, 30% of AMI.

Or, you can do the WFP/Atlantic Yards model, and provide for most of the units at 165% of AMI. Yup, the WFP supported a project where 50% of the "affordable" units for people earning up to $138,000/year.


And then there's the bit where she says she wants to build partnerships. How's that going, Diana? Most of the assembly and senate representatives support Patterson, so you've already failed on that campaign promise.

Mr. FlatBed claims to be cynical, but he's really just a starry-eyed blogger. If you really look at Ms. Richardson, it's quite a stretch to say that she's an "outsider candidate, the one who speaks her mind and (I believe) really IS unbossed."

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Sadie: You're so horribly out of touch. Two sitting assembly members who like Diana DROVE DOWN to be at her side for the election. Four council people were there to congratulate and hug her. Senator Kevin Parker is her mentor and was beaming the whole time. Yvette and Una Clarke had been behind her for the whole campaign, and clearly relished in sending her to Albany. Patterson was unqualified and glum. Can't imagine why you'd get behind her, unless you're friends with her or her backers. Truly a dour candidate. And yes, as cynical a choice as one can imagine.

You need to do your homework on Diana's positions on affordable housing. They're significantly more nuanced and deeper than your depiction.

As to unbossed, all the friendships she's made (see above) make that claim a stretch. But I know her. She's not one to take a backseat and she may ruffle feathers - I sincerely hope so. She's got Jumaane's sincerity and fire. Patterson, on the other hand, was handpicked by the Democrats. I've never trusted that (closed door) process, and was glad to see a (yes) outsider candidate win for a change. If you're not the party's nominee, you're not the insider, and this is the first time Diana attracted widespread support. She worked hard for it. She earned it. I wish her well.