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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Brooklyn Assemblywoman Charged in Assault of Her 12-Year-Old Son

Brooklyn Assemblywoman Charged in Assault of Her 12-Year-Old Son: Sources: Diana Richardson

Heartbreaking. On so many levels. Mother and child are inseparable. I'm certain the family will work through it. But this is tough.

Best of luck to Diana and son. May love and patience prevail.


Carmen said...

No need to resign, and no need to explain herself. As a fellow adult and parent, I don't expect anyone to explain how they do/don't parent. Tomorrow she will be on the local ballot, running unopposed I believe.

Anonymous said...

Striking another human being is wrong. It doesn't matter if you're a parent or President. While we may not know the details about this incident, it is perfectly reasonable to say that anyone who is hitting their children or anyone else is in need of reform.

Anonymous said...

Saw this yesterday "fabricated"...
Hope the truth comes out at some point soon

Anonymous said...

Any follow up?

Anonymous said...

If her name were "Donald Trump" I'm sure Q and its readers would be equally understanding.