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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Vision of the Future - Empanada City

Everyone has their own vision of Utopia. For some, it's a lush green land of hills, vales and verdant meadows. For others, it's a digitized world of robots serving your every need as you toss back bottomless Mai Tais and luxuriate on space-age furniture, high in the air, unencumbered by work or toil. For others, it's a place of never-ending...empanadas.

Welcome to Empanada City, opening soon at 363 Lincoln near Nostrand. We told you about it ages ago, and wondered if the City would ever rise to the east, but now we have word from owner Briant Almonte that it will open its doors, or rather offer you a copy of the keys to the City, soon. As in soon soon, not in-a-while soon. Follow the progress on the Facebook page. And remember the old adage - Carpe Empanda.

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