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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

If That Classy Guy In the White House Can Show A Brave Face...

Okay, so that didn't turn out so well. 

My words of optimism:

Welcome back to the Resistance, everyone. We've been here before, we'll probably be here again. 

Half the country was not they have their chance to make mistakes, look foolish, drown in emails, get slammed by politicians and special committees and investigations. They have their chance to show what they have lined up that's so brilliant for health care. They get to show us how much "safer" we are with bluster, how much wiser we are with rights-hostile judges.

In other words, time to get off our duffs and sparkle up our spurs...don't cede an inch!

I became politically aware during the first term of a a "charismatic" B-grade star of screen selling snake oil to the Rust Belt, and lived to tell the tale. Some weird shit went down though. Some of you probably came aware during Tricky Dick Nixon. That's who we got for dancing in the mud with flowers in our hair. (the "our" is metaphorical of course...I was three during Woodstock.)

My first impulse, upon disbelief, was to blame. Blame the Bernie Bros. Blame sexism and racism. Blame the media. Blame young people for turning their backs on a chance to make history. Blame Hillary for not campaigning harder in WI and MI. Etc, etc, etc...I came in to the office and a super young guy tells me Bernie would have blown him away. We'll never know.

The words that Trump has uttered will haunt him. His behavior will come back at him, and keep coming back. Now he'll get to see ALL of us in our battered glory, not just his rabid and twisted and rowdy campaign crowds.

Those who believe in love and tolerance and civil rights will have to show their might at every step of the way. Show 'em with your example, Leffertsonians!

We're more important than ever, each and every one of us.

Onwards Flatbush Soldiers!


Miss Carmen said...

After spending the day in pajamas, crying on and off, and eating way too much Halloween candy, I've begun to reach the end of my pity party to make this one request from each and every one of you:

Be the helpers.

Electoral votes aside, each and every one of us has the choice each and every day to do at least one good thing that is significant in the life of someone else. Go out there and do that. I ask you on behalf of my children, and my students; "do all the good you can, for as many people as you can, for as long as you can"

pb said...

Thank you for setting that example for your children, your students, and all of us. We can all be helpers.