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Monday, March 31, 2014

Catholic Church Throws In the Towel, Makes a Bundle

credit: Rebecca for Brownstoner
Recognize that church from Rogers Ave near Crown, above Empire Blvd? It's about to turn into this:

credit: Jessica Dailey, for Curbed

According to Curbed: 161 units. Gym. Recreation Room. 83 Parking Spaces. According to the Q: Gorgeous Neo-Icktorian Architecture.

I wonder if longtime parishioners were given a piece of the action, or if it all goes to the Vatican? Would be nice to think that after a lifetime of tithing you'd get a little kickback.


diak said...

Perhaps the building's design was inspired by the success of "The Lego Movie."

Michael said...

Darn. I always loved the grass in that lot, and the building's setback :(