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Monday, March 24, 2014

Latest Gentrifiers: Pair of Red-Tailed Hawks

photo from Rob Bate, Winthrop Neighbor

Roosting on the tall chimney cover at 160 Parkside, the tall building across from the Park, these Red-Tailed Hawks prove you can't keep a good hawk down. Ever since Pale-Male became a celebrity in the '90s for being the first hawk to successfully mate and nest in the Big Apple, dozens more have been spotted. But it's still pretty rare that they nest here. You know, making babies and all. These guys are just roosting, but who knows whether love is in the air?

Good luck, y'all! Spring's a-comin'


WinFlatBed said...

Word from long time Bklyn birder is that Red-tails have nested in Greenwood Cemetery for over 40 years. Pale Male is 17 or 18 years old. Your do the math. Yeah Bklyn!

shelley said...

We live at 160 Parkside. Often the hawks will perch on the 14th floor balconies, it's amazing to see them from such close proximity (we live on the 15th floor) This will be the third year I've seen them hanging around our building. (I'm sure the park provides some good hunting ground).