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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Craft Beer Bar Next to Phat Albert's?

You know what they say hearsay is worth. Exactly what you paid for it. However, a comment on a recent post is worthy of amplification. Mattijs says:

"Walked into Brooklyn Beer & Soda a few weeks ago for a growler and talked to the owner for a while and mentioned pretty much the identical thought K&D posted . He told me he has plans to open up a craft beer bar in the space next door that was a pawn shop for about 3 minutes."

Well now. That WOULD be something, wouldn't it?

As a guy whose last beer many years ago was probably a tall-boy Coors in a brown paper bag, what exactly happens in a Craft Beer Bar? Is it some sort of Origami & Lager Lounge? Is pottery involved? I picture a bunch of guys sitting around with their brewskies, scrapbooking and giving each other high-fives.


Marcey said...

WOW!!! Thank you SO much for changing the color scheme of your blog! I can't tell you how happy I am -- it's so much easier to read. Thank you! I can enjoy your blog even more.

But now the comments require us to enter our account info from Google, WordPress, etc. Was that intentional??

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Yes, it's intentional. Actually I changed that policy before I changed the layout.

It had become too easy for people to leave anonymous messages. Blogger only allows you to verify people if they use a blog or google address. Since most folks have at least one Google email, I figured that was pretty reliable. Now we all have to at least give an alias and use it each time we comment. Otherwise, you could post 10 times as anonymous pretending to be someone else each time. I had found that that was happening, especially with people who had very negative things to say.

More to the point, this allows me to block trolls. Well, a little bit better anyway.

Thanks Marcey!

[] said...

It seems like most of the new developments happening in PLG are centered towards Empire verses Parkside. I don't know if it's because the Empire side is seen as more of the hot bed for new transplants that already has some hip anchors stores (Wholesome Foods)and the Parkside end being more of the existing neighborhood with strong Caribbean roots and beauty supply stores. Or maybe it was the luck of the draw and there were more vacancies towards Empire. Growing up on Clarkson, I can't recall as many shops near parkside on flatbush changing that much besides the real estate/tax preparation offices/and awkwardly placed bodega on corner of Clarkson that turned into a braiding place then into it's current iteration as a barbershop.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

that barbershop was a bodega? what a hoot!

As with the rest of Brooklyn, it's a monkey see monkey do thing. But Mango Seed, Play Kids and now Blessings are making a strong case for Parkside area. The first place ON Parkside will definitely break the ice.

Unknown said...

I want this sooooo hard. Love LPT w/ all my heart, but a craft beer place would be a welcome addition. Sometimes you want a Shiner, sometimes you want a Flying Dog.