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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Easy Come, Easy Go

Walked by Jim Mamary's latest on Flatbush across from Phat Albert's. "DJ Oyster" as the eatery will be called was in full build-out mode:

Much more surprising was the sign offering up Lincoln Park Tavern for rent. Seems like things have finally come to a head with landlady Rong Ge. And so it appears Jim's heading for greener pastures around the corner next to the soon to rise Tom Anderson apartment building, perhaps seeking a situation involving "less green" for the pasture. We'll see who snaps up LPT. For quite some time Jim's been looking for "key money" to take over the lease. Maybe the lease is finally up? I would definitely look for another restaurant/bar to take its place, since the joint is built out for cooking. We'll see.

Details from Ripco:

534 Flatbush Avenue

Brooklyn, Lefferts Garden
Located at the Three-Way Intersection of Lincoln Road and Flatbush/Washington Avenues
Property No.: 140684
Property Type: Retail
Avail. Space: 2,700 SF
Space details:
1,200 sf - Space A
1,500 sf - Space B
Asking Rent
Upon Request
Summer 2014
50’ on Lincoln Road
Ceiling Heights
Wholesome Gourmet Market, Thriftway Pharmacy, BP Gas
Notes & Highlights:
  • Amazing bar/restaurant opportunity
  • Low key money
  • Steps to Prospect Park
  • Less than 1 block to the subway
  • Currently liquor licensed
  • Currently vented
  • Full basements included


babs said...

The name DJ Oyster doesn't bode well for me. Oysters = yes, DJs = boo. Guess I'll keep going to the Castello Plan.

Alex said...

That name is definitely very, very lame. I hope it's not final.

Makes me think of Full House... DJ Tanner.

nana said...

Dear proprietor,
If you're reading this please-change that name!

Clarkson FlatBed said...

How about: "Phat Oysters"

Bruce Miller said...

I'll be sorry to see LPT/Enduro go, but I remain optimistic that something will fill the void.

Re: DJ Oyster, I'm no restaurateur so far be it from me, but let's hope ownership is not forgetting the various false starts LPT went through before settling its current format. BBQ ... fish ... etc.

DJ Oyster is seemingly a narrow concept for a community as diverse as Lefferts.

boleroid said...

I'm about 85%-90% positive that the name "DJ Oyster" is just Mr. Flatbed pulling everyone's chain.

Kasia and David said...

Some folks need to get the owner of the Beer Distributor to turn that place into a beer hall. There's enough space there to keep doing what they're doing with the distribution, but if laid out well they could add a nice, open bar with tons on tap and probably the largest bottle selection in the city. They should have opened that upstairs before doing the office space thing.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Boleroid: Even at my best, I couldn't have come up with a name that silly. DJ Oyster is what it says on the permit, and was the name that Jim came before the community board with to get his liquor license.

Perhaps we should run a contest to name the place. That would really create some buzz for him before he opens. Winner drinks free for a year!

Michael said...

@Kasia I love that idea. I had always hoped we could get some nice restaurants in there too--but the keystone of my plan was to bulldoze the BP and turn it into a little park triangle! Hey, a guy can dream, no?

Dutchman said...

Walked into Brooklyn Beer & Soda a few weeks ago for a growler and talked to the owner for a while and mentioned pretty much the identical thought K&D posted . He told me he has plans to open up a craft beer bar in the space next door that was a pawn shop for about 3 minutes.

Anonymous said...

I dreaming of the day PLG gets a decent place to have/take out dinner. At the moment it's like a mirage, sometimes I walk down Flatbush I see a bistro or Calexico and then it disappears and I'm staring at a Chinese fast food joint.

Anonymous said...

theforest1, Tip of the Tongue has decent fare that would make a good dinner, but recently their kitchen service has been stopping early on weekdays (2 pm) and maybe 4 pm on weekends. I would like to see that establishment (or something like that) stay open a little bit later.

Once in a while, getting a sandwich to go from Wholesome Gourmet is okay.

Alex said...

Delroy's is really close to being a good place to grab a bite, but they don't really have their act together, unfortunately. They need to get a solid chef who has experience turning small restaurants into something really special if they want to stand out or even become a destination.

Anonymous said...

disco princess, yes I do grab lunch from TOTT quite a lot, they do some great sandwiches. Mango seed is the only place to get a decent dinner around here but wow to there prices recently!! around $20 for jerk chicken now, pure crazyness.

I think we are good for coffee now with 4 places and plans for around 3 or 4 new bars opening should please a few peeps but I am hoping someone opens a restaurant soon. It's amazing someone hasn't opened something yet! I can't keep on cooking every night :P