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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dr. Cuts Makes the Old Gray Lady

Photo: Yana Paskova, NY Times
Frequent readers of the Q will know I'm a big fan of Desmond Romeo and his oft-hopping Dr. Cuts barber shop. Well, the NY Times finally caught on. What a wonderful piece on his brand of health-advice/styling-salon. And it's a great reminder of what a unique thing we have here, this special slice of Lefferts - world headquarters for African hair care.

Full disclosure: Desmond gave me my latest haircut. Full disclaimer: it's grown out, meaning you can't really blame him anymore.

Congrats, Mr. President of the Flatbush Empire Merchants Association. Hope this doesn't mean your prices are going up. Where the hell else am I gonna get a haircut for less that $15?

For the click-averse, here's the meat of the "Dr." angle of Dr. Cuts, in the article by the Times' Elizabeth Amon:

Mr. Romeo, who wears his hair and goatee closely trimmed, is not only a talented barber and a good listener, but also an informed one. For more than a decade, he has worked with the Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health, which trains barbers about potential health problems, like prostate cancer, diabetes, H.I.V. and hypertension. Brignel Camilien, director of the Arthur Ashe program, Barbershop Talk With Brothers, described Mr. Romeo as “committed.”
“He’s really been there to give input on how to improve the health of the people,” Mr. Camilien said.

Mr. Romeo, who also leads a new merchants association for this stretch of Flatbush Avenue, has arranged for a holistic practitioner to come to Dr. Cuts on occasional Friday mornings to discuss natural detox treatments with customers, many of whom come in after working night shifts.

The health discussions are but one facet of the shop’s appeal. With the wait for a chair as long as 45 minutes on weekends, customers’ needs outside of hair care are also addressed. As Mr. Suarez lingered after his trim, a group of elementary school children were kept busy by an action movie on a television in the back, while a woman with homemade cookies and nuts for sale stopped in the shop. “There are a lot of barbershops,” Mr. Suarez said. “This one is special.”

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