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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Kings Theater Lineup

Soon you'll be able to stroll down the promenade of the Flabenue and take in some theater or music a la the Beacon Theater uptown. More shows have been announced, and as I suspected, Oldies and Oddities will be the norm. The only thing truly contemporary here is Mavado and it reflects the nabe. It's also odd that this list is through the end of the year, so there are certainly large gaps that will need to be filled. But this is just the beginning, of course. My kids will love Annie. That Disney thing seems creepy, and Sarah McLachlin still has fans? Guess the Lilith never dies. I wonder how Dancehall music will go over in space? Here's to a great run. I'll save my predictions for a year from now when we can assess how the strategy is working. See you at Annie! The Widespread Panic, not so much.

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