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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Terrific Show at Tugboat

A neighbor with the handle Anton Gold is putting up some of his photographs at Tugboat today. He sent me some pictures that are really stupendous that I thought I'd share. The opening is Saturday, so come out and give him a big kiss, handshake, bump or bow, depending on your comfort level and cultural norm.

Anton moved to Lefferts Gardens 11 years ago, on Lefferts III. Married with two Yorkies named Lefferts and Gizzy. (As far as I know there are no plans to rename a local street "Gizzy.) He had this sweet thing to say about the project:
My little Tugboat photo show's true purpose (which is the mantra of my photography) is that I can take a photograph of PLG on any given day that is at face value (as a production of light) as beautiful as any photo taken that day anywhere on the planet. 
I'll bet the Opening on Saturday is around 6pm, the prototypical "Opening" time, but I'll try to confirm that. And now, for some extraordinary samples:

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Bob Marvin said...

Yes, the opening is from 6–9 this Saturday. I posted a sign to that effect in Tugboat's window yesterday.