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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Lefferts Quiz

Just after the blizzard of '88 - 1888 that is - Adrian Vanderveer Martense took this picture of a horse drawn sleigh:

If you can guess where it is, you either cheated or have a darn good memory for someone nearly 150 years old. Hmm?

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Bob Marvin said...

Contrary to popular belief I'm not quite old enough to remember this scene. Also I haven't cheated. However I do know that Flatbush Ave. , in the northern end of Flatbush, had numerous houses like these, so I'd guess the photograph is of Flatbush Avenue somewhere between Malbone Street (before The Disaster lead to its name change to Empire Blvd.) and Church Avenue. Of course that's ll of Lefferts, and then some, so it isn't much of a guess.