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Friday, April 26, 2013

Crime Blotter - 71st Precinct

Thx again to Nicole Fabri and Vinnie Martinos for their time putting this together...71st precinct SW quadrant. They compile this by hand, so there are sometimes crimes missing by mistake. Gives you an idea of what sorts of things have been happening though.

Crime ReportMarch 14 - April 22, 2013


March 17th, 6PM. Rutland Rd and New York Avenue. At gunpoint, jewelry and cash robbed from victim. Arrest was made.

March 18th, 4:30. 142 Winthrop. At gunpoint wallet stolen involving three perps.

March 20th, 6PM. 122 Nostrand Ave. Cell phone strong armed from victim.

March 21st, 5PM. 250 Hawthorne Street. Inside apartment lobby, at gunpoint jewelry and purse stolen. Two arrests were made.

March 22, 7:30PM. 110 Empire Blvd. At gunpoint, in lobby of apartment building victim was robbed, took cell phone and cash.

March 25th, 8PM. 17 Ocean Ave. Robbed Chinese delivery man of food and cash.

March 27th, 8PM. 161 Clarkson. At gunpoint, inside apartment, took $90, jewelry and electronics. Apartment appeared to be not used as living quarters and this apartment appears to have been targeted for this crime.

March 28th, 7PM. Rutland and Rogers. Cell phone strong armed from victim.

March 30th, 9:30PM. Rutland & Bedford. At gunpoint, cell phone taken from victim. Three arrests were made.

April 2nd, 11:30PM. Rogers and Parkside. Cell phone strong armed from victim.

Felony Assaults

April 2nd, midnight. 51 Lincoln Rd. Person was being ejected from the premise (this is a bar), and the person assaulted the bouncer.

April 9th, 8PM. 1176 Nostrand Ave. A fist fight occurred on the street and an arrest was made.


March 18th, 7PM. 35 Maple. Apartment, came through front door, stole jewelry and electronics.

March 20th, 3:30PM. 260 Hawthorne. Apartment building, came in through side window and took jewelry.

March 21st, 1PM. 225 Parkside Avenue. Pried front door open, took electronics and cash.

March 29th, 7PM. 25 Lefferts, commercial location. Came in through side door and took tools.

April 11th, 10AM. 245 Hawthorne. Tried to enter through rear window but resident woke up and perps ran.

April 12th 2AM. 40 Lincoln Rd. Forced open the basement door and took tools.

Grand Larceny (No physical force between victim and perp)

In the time period of this crime report, there were fourteen victims living in PLG who's debit or credit cards were used without authorization. The cards' information could have been stolen anywhere (in this state or another, online, over the phone, in a restaurant). The victims live in PLG.

March 20th, 7PM. 93 Midwood. Cell phone snatched.

March 21st, 12:30AM. 40 Lincoln Rd. victim was sleeping in apartment, claimed that after he woke, $3000 from his pocket was missing. At the same time, the woman that was living with him disappeared and changed her cell number.

April 3rd, 10PM. 1095 Nostrand. Commercial hair salon. Victim put her purse down and it was stolen.

April 8th, 5:30PM. Flatbush and Midwood. Victim was pickpocketed of cash and credit cards.

April 10th, 4AM. Nostrand & Midwood. Cell phone snatched.

April 13th, 7PM. Flatbush and Ocean. In transit station, cell phone snatched.

April 15th, noon. 632 Flatbush. Victim was in apartment, went into shower, when they returned their laptop was missing. The victim's boyfriend was gone also.

April 15th, 6PM. 535 Parkside Avenue. Cell phone snatched.

April 17th, 11:00AM. Flatbush & Ocean. Cell phone snatched.

Grand Larceny Auto

April 8th, 12:30PM. In front of 251 Lefferts Avenue. 2009 Black Nissan Maxima stolen. Victim left his keys in the car and went inside. When he came back out, he saw two people entering his car and driving away.

April 9th, 12:30PM. 285 Hawthorne. A man was shot inside his vehicle several times. He attempted to drive away from the location and crashed the van and died. Male 42 years. The victim of the shooting had a past criminal history. The victim and the perps all knew each other. Witnesses, DNA, and other evidence yielded four arrests within two hours of the crime.

There were no rapes this month.

A picture was put out a few days ago for a rapist on the southeast side of the precinct. The perp was wanted for three known rapes in the area. The perp has been positively ID'd by at least one victim and they're waiting for DNA results from the other two victims.


Anonymous said...

Shame about the 2009 Black Nissan Maxima. I wonder what the victim was doing at 251 Lefs @12:30am while the car was running outside?...

Actually, I think I know.

Anonymous said...

Oops, that's 12:30 Pm, but still a shame about the maxima.

babs said...

Yes, anonymous, I'm sure you do know, as does everyone on the block. Another case of the police doing nothing about repeated 911 calls - they always tell me, "We know the location very well. We have it under surveillance." So why does nothing happen? I feel really bad for the old man who owns that house - I think he is a victim of elder abuse by his grandson. I've called about that too, but no dice.

At least they were able to shut down the "nightclub" (complete with stirrper pole (and strippers) he was running out of the basement for a while.

Anonymous said...

I'll remember to grow eyes on the back on my head when passing through Rutland Rd.

MadMommaCarmen said...

Babs, I've had the same conversation with officers about places being "under surveillance". Its such BS. I've been here six years and Ray's is still "under surveillance".

Anonymous said...

stripper pole in someone's basement? how do people know about such things? i am amazed, walk by all the time and had no idea.

Anonymous said...

If you are complaining about suspected elder abuse to the police, I'd suggest trying APS instead. They will come out and investigate and take action, especially if you really have detailed reasons why you are worried, etc. If you already tried them, I am still worried... there must be something that could be done to help. APS could petition for a guardian ad litem, some random lawyer, to take over helping with his finances under supervision of a judge. Anyway, there are option out there if you see someone being abused by a relative the way (I think) you are suggesting this person is...

Anonymous said...

hawthorne between rogers and nostrand seems like a real exciting place to live.

Doradcy finansowi said...

Częściej powinny pojawiać się tak dobre wpisy:)