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Friday, April 26, 2013

Mary Pinkett - A Street In Her Name - Tuesday April 30 11am

For many moons, Mary Pinkett cast a big shadow over the neighborhood. As the councilwoman for Lefferts and environs north and east of us in a different configuration of council lines, she was a tireless crusader for the people of her district. She served for 28 years (pre term limits!) from '74 to '01. She was the first black NYC councilwoman. From everything I've heard, she was a model leader, and someone who was able to bring people together no matter their background or outlook. Such leadership is always welcome, particularly as neighborhoods go through big changes in short order.

And what better road to get your name on than Washington between Lincoln, Lefferts? Something like that...

Come out and see a tiny portion of DOT real estate get named in her honor:

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