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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

District 17 Superintendent Buffie Simmons - You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself

Tonight I had the pleasure of joining a few hundred parents, teachers, leaders and kids at the 60+ year old PS92 Auditorium for a forum to discuss the proposed permanent co-location of the Lefferts Gardens Charter School within the building historically known as K92, or PS92. What this means is that the two schools, which have been sharing the building since 2010, will be formally married to each other. For better or worse. And if you stayed through the first 45 minutes of the meeting and got to the part where actual parents and teachers and grammas talked about the schools, you could see that mutual respect has been the norm, and the problems few. Sure there's work to be done, including considering how to better coordinate time, budgets and other resources and school rules. BUT...

District 17 superintendent Buffie Simmons did not allow parents to set the tone for the evening. Rather she chose to give members of her Community Education Council the floor to start, the dais as she called it. This group was so hell-bent on firing up the crowd against the LGCS co-location that they resorted to name-calling, false accusations, and general vitriol. Did Ms. Simmons step in to ask them to tone down the rhetoric to help preserve a civil demeanor for the evening? Not at all. Since she gave each of these three speakers more than 10 minutes to deliver their diatribes, she didn't even respect the 100+ community members who had taken numbers to speak, each of whom was to be given a max of 2 minutes. In reading about other meetings of this sort in other districts as well, and thinking back a few years to the first time this LGCS/92 co-location proposa took place even before the charter school moved in, this is just classic District DoE bashing, still pissed as they are that the City took back control from them and their local boards. Almost nothing the CEC folks said was true, and almost all of it was intended to give the impression that more people were against than for co-location.

I left halfway through the speakers, but at that point well over 3/4 of the people who came out were fully in favor of co-location. And even those not in favor of co-location showed way more respect and civility than did Superintendent Simmons or her chosen speakers.

Best (or worst) of all, when she finally gave someone from LGCS a chance to speak, and invited interim school leader Mark Dicus to come up, she then mangled his name thusly: Mark Dick-us. That's right. As any potty-mouthed kid or potty-mouth-thinking adult will tell you, that's a really insulting way to pronounce the guy's name. So clearly she made no attempt to meet with him or learn the proper pronunciation. (Does anyone remember the Monty Python movie Life of Brian, wherein Michael Palin plays Pontius Pilate? You'll need to view it to get the reference.) Mark took all of one minute to sum up LGCS's position:

"PS92 is a public school. LGCS is a public school. The PS92 building is a public building. Some folks like strawberry. Some folks like pistachio. This is about giving families in District 17 another choice."

Well said, Mark. Best of luck, and may the marriage bring many blessings to your families.


MadMommaCarmen said...

This is why I didn't attend the meeting last night. Every single interaction I've had with Buffie has been negative. I find her childish and completely out of touch with what parents and students need. I'm not the least bit surprised to hear how she handled this meeting, this is how she conducts her usual business.

And we wonder why our public schools aren't succeeding. Look at who's running the show!

Anonymous said...

I was there. At the start of the meeting, I felt hurt, insulted, and discriminated against and unsafe - in 2013 this is how far mankind has come - a move for more division. It seems most people don't understand how the system works either. I suggest these two schools hire a marriage counselor not mediator because like all successful partnerships you can not go to bed angry - peaceful compromising communication is the key. Good Luck.
A neighbor who loves Green and Blue!!

Clarkson FlatBed said...

To those who were there and were shocked, take heart. This has been a District tactic all over NYC. You can read about meeting after meeting where the districts have treated parents and schools with utter disdain. It's hard to hear when it's YOUR school, but it's not about any specific school.

The disagreement goes back to when the Mayor took back control of the schools from the Districts and their corrupt Boards, and then the Board of Education itself. It's about the most radical and out-of-touch elements of the union; it's about a power struggle. It is most certainly NOT about the kids, the parents, or the schools. It's frankly an utter disgrace.

But keep a stiff upper lip folks. These remnant arguments of day's past are being made irrelevant by a new vitality sweeping the system. And I'm not talking charter schools here. I'm talking the unions, the principals and the teachers throughout. I hear it everywhere I go - those folks at the top of the meeting last night are a tiny minority opinion, but they sure are loud!

Don't let the jerks get you down. The schools are ours - always have been, and always will be. It's our building. We paid for it, and it's up to us how we want it used.

The Snob said...

Thanks for the long view, Q. It really was clear that there was no attempt by the DOE to make the issues or process intelligible to the community. I don't blame people for being angry; many seemed to have only heard about the plans on the day of the meeting. And as you noted, none of the "speakers" deigned to get the facts or present the case to the parents present. So we were left with a lot of frustration and recrimination. Another day of Brooklyn politics.

MattOnLincoln said...

Snob 11:19 am speaks for me - I'm appreciating the reassurances that this acting out isn't going to stop fresh efforts. Anyone who wants a brief, historical summary of the shift in power that Q's talking about can find it here:

babs said...

Regardless, the collocation has been approved!

Umlauts, Captcha, reall?

The Snob said...

I don't know Ms. Simmons from a hole in the bricks but, "Rita Parsons," that's a lot of mud you're slinging. Isn't this a family blog? From what I've read, she was a highly effective principal in Canarsie. Just shows that life at the DOE is soul-crushing.

theQ said...

Rita: Your comments are out of bounds. Sorry, but I can't abide unconfirmed rumors about a person's personal life. An elected official, perhaps, but for the most part I don't think personal stuff has any bearing on someone's ability to do their job.

MadMommaCarmen said...

Rita is on to something. Yes its a nasty rumor, but a lot of teachers and administrators in the public school sector have heard this rumor and I for one wonder how much truth there is to it. Buffie was actually a highly ineffective principal in Canarsie and was slated to be fired when she got promoted. I don't know if its her personality or she simply has no clue what she's doing, but I could tell you way too many stories of the things she has tremendously fudged up.

During my last interaction with Buffie, she was supposed to acknowledge my daughter with an award at 5:30pm. At some point that day, she changed the time for the award ceremony to 5pm and didn't tell anyone! By the time we arrived at 5:30, the ceremony was over (yet people were just arriving) and there was an auditorium full of crying children. My daughter burst into tears upon realizing that she wasn't going to be able to go up on stage to get her award.

With a beaming smile on her face, Buffie assured us it was ok because it "was just a piece of paper" my child was receiving. She never apologized for her incompetence and after I wrote a strongly worded letter to her boss, she was reprimanded. Buffie subsequently e-mailed me, never once apologizing but rather admonishing me for reaching out to her boss and not speaking to her directly. I forwarded her nasty e-mail to her boss as well.

Delete this comment if you see fit, but trust me, something is up. And I have lots more stories to share about Buffie, none of them are positive.

MadMommaCarmen said...

PS: I shared this one of many stories not to highlight what "Rita" said but to point out that Buffie's behavior during the meeting is not an isolated incident. This is who and how she is ALL the time.

Rita Parsons said...

I apologize you felt that comment had to be deleted, but I just mentioned what most already know.

You said "someones personal life should not have any bearing on whether or not they can do theire job.".

I agree to a certain extent, but when that person obtained said job which they did not deserve or was not even qualified to do, due to engaging in highly immoral and sometimes illegal activity, then that theory no longer applies!

I am sure Ms Simmons would have conducted her current position in a more honorable manner if she had gained it through the means of hard work and dedication, rather than lying on her back and making advances to other peoples husbands.

Also, Carmen is correct, it is well documented that Buffie Simmons was a disgrace of a principal and at one point there was even talk of a petition circulating to get her replaced, fired or reassigned.

It was a shock to the community when she suddenly got moved up to be a Superintendent of all things. Many thought if anything she should have been demoted.

It just didnt make sense! From incompetent Principal to Superintendent of a district??? How does that work exactly?? Plenty wondered if her shiny new position was due to servicing the male higher ups of the DOE as she did at her school.

Her actions are speaking for themselves. Either way, her behavior is deplorable and typical of someone who has been getting away with things for far too long and now feels invincible and entitled.

God dont like ugly, and your own bad karma always catches up with you sometime.

Rita Parsons said...

@MadMomma I am really sorry about what happened with your daughter, that is disgusting!

We have three children and we celebrate each and every time they get awarded for doing something positive academically ; even if it "just a piece of paper".

Anonymous said...

I can't attest to the rumors about Ms Simmons that have been circulating, but one thing I will say is that I work in the human resources department at a top school in NJ. Buffie Simmons applied for a position here and we seriously considered hiring her. The interview process went very well.
Unfortunately the credentials she provided were falsified to the extreme.
She embellished her accomplishments, "made up " references and even lied about where she went to school.
She had on her resume that she was a Harvard graduate and a possessed a doctorate degree.
We really could not understand how she was able to uphold her current position on credentials that are falsified.
It was not out place to inquire or to report her to her DOE of NYC, but we did retract our offer.
There is definitely something fishy about this woman, someone on a higher level must be hiding Something.
It was all to easy for is to verify what she represented herself as was just untrue.

Also, at the time she applied for a principalship at our school having a Phd made her overqualified, but it was still an advantage nonetheless. We would have STILL hired her had she presented that she only held a Masters in Education which is what was required for the position

As for why she lied about attending Harvard... We will never know.

Watch it said...

Clarkson Flatbed- are you boohooing on the internet because Buffie ignored you by not giving you the time of day?

Im sure if you looked like someone she couldve taken seriously and was worth her time she would have gladly given it to you.

Creating a blog post trying to put her on blast, really? You know nothing about her. Sounds like someone with a hurt ego.

If this is your last resort to get her attention, I can assure you she is not interested in you in that way whatsoever.

In the future the solution is simple. If you dont like the way she or her chosen speakers conducts herself then just dont come.

Problem solved.
Your creating a blog to bitch about her is whats really childish.

Madmomma has it occurrred to you that Buffie has a life outside of the school and possibly her own children to tend to?

Maybe she had an emergency and had to move the ceremony up for that.Not every little detail has to be explained to you people in order to soothe your huge egos.

And if you had a problem with her you should have addressed her directly rather than going behind her back to her boss, that is what cowards do.

You are a fool if you really think she got reprimanded by her boss.

Something tells me it was only your own daughter that was crying over the incident and not an auditorium full of kids as you said.

Buffie Simmons was a great principal and is a great superintendent and her job is and will remain intact no matter how many times haters, yes haters try to jeopardize that.

Thank you and have a wonderful and blessed day.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Watch It: How perfectly cowardly yourself not to use your real name. My name is Tim Thomas, and my actual email address is easy to find in my profile.

If you are not Buffie herself, then you are clearly her public relations consultant or confidante. Bravo. However, your abysmal use of written English language says all I need to know about your (her) qualifications to run a school or school district, or even to write a decent defense on her behalf.

I've gone behind no one's back. Ms. Simmons came before a packed house and delivered, through her partisans, a full-throttled attack on a pubic school that is IN HER DISTRICT in front of its parents, teachers and kids. It was disgraceful, and displayed none of the professionalism or objectivity one would hope to find in the district's school leadership.

Thank you, Watch It, and I will have a wonderful day, thanks.

Tcha Mirter said...

Ive been following this blog since the begiinig and saw all the deleted messages about Buffie and her sexcapades at work.....
I was beginning to think the blogger was on her payroll until Buffie showed up and tried to tell him off herself....
Yes we know its you....
Ppl are definitely talking and none are surprised.
I can co-sign on a lot of stuff that I read here.....Buffie is rude and has her nose in the air...
She think she is better than everybody....
I worked with her for years and she barely would say good morning to me....she would see other co-workers in the street and keep her head straight.
Ppl who busted their ass for her mind you...
The 3 vice principals at our school did the majority of the work and Buffie took all the credit....
She talked a good game and very few ppl outside of the work environment saw her for what she was.....
And she was a lot....
We would witness her leaving for lunch break and not coming back on many of occasions....
Her and a certain male coworker would leave around the same time and they would both never return....
I actually received an email from her by accident addressed to that same worker who shall remain nameless.... lets just say there was definitely something sexual in nature going on between them 2..
When she realize she sent that email to me by mistake now all of a sudden she wanted to say good morning to me and act like my BFF. I never acknowledged I received it nor did she ask me about it either.
It really wasn't a secret as to what was going on over there.
After awhile she got sloppy and did not even bother to hide the affair anymore.....
It was so blatant even her husband came down to the school to see what the heck was going on....
I hear he eventually divorced her for that as well hence the last name change.....

All I can say is if Buffie is doing the same thing she doing as superintendent like she did as principle shes not going to last long over there....
I agree with the previous poster about karma.
If anybody needs to watch it ,it is her...

MadMommaCarmen said...

Hi Buffie! (aka "Watch it")

I'm sure you don't remember me since you barely pay any attention to the people around you unless they are male and can do something for you in return.

Your atrocious writing will always give you away.

I hope you have soft pillows lined up to brace your fall on the way down.

Deep Insider said...

Anyone who wants to know EXACTLY who this woman is, I'm more than happy to provide documentation as to not only her character, but the true measure of her so called professional and scholarly abilities. She was never the competent administrator that either she and/or her supporters suggest she is. She doesn't have children to tend to as some have suggested, because she doesn't take care of them. She's an intellectual lightweight with an inferiority complex and the morals of a stray cat. Ask her about her own children's academic status. Ask her about her claim that she has a Harvard degree. Ask her about the who, what and where of the DOE investigation into falsified time sheets at the school she claims success as a principal. This is but the tip of that iceberg. People like this need to have the light of truth shined upon them.

Watch It said...

Clarkson Flatbread- please get your panties out of a bunch. Like I said before.. If you don't like it, just don't come.
There is a reason why you people are only given a two-minute time limit. A lot of times you go over anyway. Wasting precious time spewing nonsense that is of no help to the topic at hand at all.
When they get cut off they then continue their baseless rants on the Internet, begging to be heard. As if anybody gives a damn.

Anonymous Coward- How fitting. Buffie may have missed out on the principal-ship at your so-called top school, but she gained a Superintendent position elsewhere. Looks like it all worked out for the best for her, no?
I would be careful, I'm sure part of your job description does not include posting on the Internet what you find on A persons confidential résumé.
You may be the one out of a job by the time this is all over.

Tacha- Buffie looks ahead. Certainly she doesn't have time to entertain nasty rumors of a job she left long behind. Is that why you are still working the same job in the same place with the same salary?
Meanwhile Buffie has moved on and is light years ahead of you while you spread jealous gossip in her memory.

Mad momma and Deep insider- you are hardly worth the keystrokes.

Again, I will leave you cackling hens to carry on as I count my money.

Be blessed!

Unknown said...

This thread is on and popping and the streets are definitely talking.

Just curious, is this male coworker Buffie Simmons was having an affair with named Andre Lawe?

If so, this is tea had been around for a long time!

She has been messing around with this guy for years. Andre Lawe was slated to be fired after it was discovered that he had accepted a new position at a Math Center, while still getting paid as an employee for the DOE.

It was rumored that it was indeed Buffie Simmons that was falsifying his time cards and clocking this man in as he went and worked another job.

Deep Insider is on to something. This secret isn’t as well kept as they all thought. Mr. Andre Lawe was slated to be fired after the DOE posed an investigation about the time cards.

Buffie quietly got him transferred to another school before shit hit the fan. If the DOE had investigated just a little bit further in the email correspondence between these two , Im sure they would be shocked at what they would have found.

Buffie is not the only user. Andre Lawe bedded plenty of women at that school incuding Buffie. Now he is fellow coworker Raina Slayton, much to Buffies dismay. She threw away her whole marriage over this guy and he ended up leaving her for the next chick.

Andre Lawe told the whole staff Buffie was sexually harassing him and wooed him with gifts of money, plus borrowed loans against her pension to finance him. Word is he even co-signed a BMW for this man plus a house note. All this while she was still married to another man.

Buffie Simmons is nothing short of scandalous, she SHOULD be ashamed of herself, just as the blog title says.

Deep Insider said...

Worry not Buffie, I mean "Watch it" it will be my pleasure to pass on this information to the appropriate authorities, along with the documentation to substantiate my assertions.

Count the subpoenas too you loser, they're on their way.

Has no stake in this whole thing said...

Hey "Watch Out", on your last comment, you first speak on Buffie's behalf, referring to her in the third-person as "she", but then you say "I" in your last statement before signing off. Are you SURE you aren't Buffie? Hmmm.

And for the sake of the children, I hope you aren't, because you sound terribly inarticulate.

king of limbs said...

I am coming late to this convo but two observations: (1) Watch It is not Buffie, just someone trying -- and succeeding -- to get y'all riled up; (2) I need more details about these sexcapades -- are we talking Eyes Wide Shut kind of stuff?

Disgusted said...

Chiming in to say, I am a parent
Two of my children attended IS 211 middle school at the same time.
Mr. Lawe was actually a teacher for one of the boys.
This isn't much, but my husband and I spotted Mr. Lawe and Buffie Simmons while we were vacationing in another country.
No other staff members were there so I doubt it was some type of conference. Location: romantic.
If I'm not mistaken, Buffie was still principal at that time.
Saw her a few times AFTER that and she still bore a wedding ring. She was also still going by that hyphenated last name.
So yea... Her and Mr. Lawe was defintely eh hem... Cozy...

Has no stake in this whole thing said...

king of limbs, how do you know this info?

Deep Insider said...

King of Limbs, Buffie Simmons is exactly who this illiterate is, as their tragic display of undeserved arrogance and ignorance demonstrates. They speak of themselves in the third person, and then shortly afterward refer to themselves in the first person, just as one would expect of someone as intellectually limited and unjustifiably arrogant as she. So defend that low brow defend fool all you want. The child like defensiveness of their remarks speak volumes.

Anonymous said...

Buffie what money are u counting??!

You have maxed out loans against your pension, your home is in foreclosure and your last Navigator got repossessed.

But yet you are are at the beauty salon and Nordstrom every week while your children walk around with holes in their clothes.

Don't you already have a baby for Andre Lawe? Maybe he can give you some of that money you spent on him so you can buy yourself some class.

To confirm what the previous poster said, yes Buffies husband did divorce her after he found out about the affair and he found out Buffie had a baby for Andre.

Now she is dragging the ex husband to court for child support to pay for a child that is not even his, simply because he/she was conceived during the marriage.

Meanwhile Andre is sitting pretty in a Vice Principals position in another school district as he plans to marry one of Buffies former subordinates.

This whole situation is messy. It's outrageous how a woman with no morals made it to such a prestigious position.

She is no role model, that's a fact!

king of limbs said...

King of limbs is defending no one. However, if I was trying to pose as a troll posing as a third person, I would let the first person inadvertently slip from time to time. And I would say that the third person doesn't have time to deal with rumors when that is exactly what the first person is doing. And if I really wanted to have fun, I would call the moderator "flatbread" to hoot! Now I don't know Buffie from Adam, and given all the bad things I am reading about her, I don't have much interest to make her acquaintance. That being said, from a distance I seem.... wait, #she# seems... like quite the character.

Has no stake in this whole thing said...

King of limbs, no one said you were Buffie. And, since you "don't know her", you really don't know if Watch It is Buffie, and further, you are just trolling. So your past and future comments are irrelevant.

Unknown said...


You claim to have no knowledge of who this Buffie is, but yet you are convinced that WATCH IT is not her.
At the same time you are combing for additional info to see what more do other people know.

Sounds a little suspect to me.

I have my own theories about who you are, but I will keep them to myself for now.

Watchit never confirmed or denied that she was Buffie, but most of us are smart enough to draw our own conclusions.

Has no stake in this whole thing said...

Ok, Anonymous at 11:27, that's crossing the line a bit. Can we keep it to the topic at hand - the dubious position of superintendent by someone who is seemingly unqualified, and seems to have stepped on many toes and burned a lot of bridges? I like to give the benefit of the doubt, but so far, the only person who seems to be defending Buffie, well, seems to be Buffie herself. Buffie, if you are out there, speak please. And no, silence will not speak volumes in this case. There is too much credibility with the people who speak against you, so please, this is your chance to refute what is being said.

Heart Broken..... said...

Wow ... This is absolutely disheartening. Tragic even.
I found out about this thread via Facebook of all places.
Listen, I don't know nothing about no Buffie. (Is that even really her real name or some kind of nickname???) but I am very familiar with Andre Lawe and can vouch for his character.
We attended the same church where he served as a Deacon.
He has always been sweet, kind and respectful.. But he did have his struggles with demons, as did I.
For this I ended up leaving the church.
Andre and I..we shared a deep an intimate love affair on a spiritual level only the two of us can ever understand.
He was the love of my life, and although he wasn't married for other reasons we couldn't be together.
I ended up leaving the church because I couldn't stand to live a lie any longer.
Im hurting so much right now because I'm trying to add the time frames in my mind, between what I'm reading here with the period of time Andre and I shared.
It's killing me that the beautiful moments in my heart that I shared with whom I considered the greatest love of my life could all possibly be a lie.

As I mentioned, due to my own demons, sins and guilt which are frowned upon in the eyes of God I could no longer stay at that church. Every Sunday looking up at the pew at someone I know it could never be.
I hope one day someday Andre finds peace, and stops living a lie. And if he is reading this, he would come back and look for me.

No matter what, U will always have that special place "Dreeki" .

Love always,

Jason F.

Anonymous said...

Wowzers this thread has turned into an episode of General Hospital!

-Paul G.

Anonymous said...

Jason if this is true I beg you to contact me with full details immediately at or add me on aim. Would love to discuss with you further. Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

Or Or add me to google chat if you have one. I desperately need to speak with you.

JDB said...

I have no idea if any of this is even half true nor do I really care but it is at least a great distraction from work.

Deep Insider said...

Why am I not the least bit shocked. I knew there was something about that dude. I'm guessing "Watch it" is hiding in a corner somewhere right now, being that her unjustified sense of superiority is all she ever had. Don't expect "King of Limbs" to troll and attempt to rationalize it either.

king of limbs said...

I cannot figure out which is more confounding, the amazing BS being spewed, or the fact that people actually believe it! Oooh, and the intrigue... I am starting to think that Watch It is Deep Insider!

Anonymous said...

How much do you want to bet both those email addresses belong to "watch it?"

Anonymous said...

Man, someone really needs to put the Post, Daily News, or Arnold Diaz (Fox's "Shame on You") on all of this ...

Deep Insider said...

"King of Limbs" Do you realize how ridiculous you appear at this moment? Was critical thinking ever any part of your obviously inferior education? Someone suggested that "Watch it" is actually the anonymous individuals seeking information from Jason and providing email addresses, lending credence to Jason's claims of secret love and heartless deceit. I'm guessing that you "King of Limbs" are very much a part of that drama, or there would be no reason for you to respond at all. Your weak minded mission to marginalize the participants of this forum is as obvious as your lame attempt to distance yourself from the drama with which you've immersed yourself.

Eyes Wide OPEN said...

I must have refreshed this page a hundred times since the news hit my inbox lastnite.
King of limbs, I notice you have been trying to create some type of diversion since u got here.
Especially since Andre Lawes name started floating around.
Me thinks Kingoflimbs~Andre Lawe.
Just my own personal feeling.

And Andre I see after this thread hit the fan you and Raina Slayton just about cleared out your Facebook accounts.

Why are you hiding and trying to destroy this thread at the same time?

Anonymous said...

King ofLimbs has been trying to derail this thread and plant seeds of doubt since his arrival.

What I like about Tim's blog is that the majority of his followers are objective intellectuals.

We don't need anybodys help to point us to the right direction. I can see clearly on my own.

Anonymous said...

Awwww Dreekie. Stoplaying around and call that nice boy!

Anonymous said...

shit, call jerry springer

WOW said...

Another Former staff member putting in my 2cents.

Whoaaaaa at all the f*ckery I read on here, It’s a matter of time before Buffies actions caught up with her. Every Dog has his day!

I cant jump on the bandwagon, for seriously Im shocked at a lot of the stuff that was exposed, but I will reveal what I ABSOLutely KNOW AS FACT.

1- Buffie was an incompetent Principal.
This is not all the way true:

It was a rough school and she struggled a lot when she first got here but she helped make a difference. However I think she took way more credit than she deserved.

It took a village and we all worked hard and pulled together in order to succeed in making IS 211 a better place. We had to. Most in part b/c they were going to close the school if we didn’t shape up and we ALL would have been out of a job.
Buffie almost lost hers multiple times.

For eample-We had a school dance for middle schoolers. Anyone who works in the School system knows that when we have dances, we have the punch for the students and the “punch” for the grown folk! lol

Anyway, Buffie of all people took things too far. She became quite intoxicated at a school dance and started twerking, droppin’ it like its hot in front of male chaperones, teachers, and who was our Vice Principal at the time.

It was a disaster! Granted, we had a few of our younger, tipsy school teachers doing something similar but Buffie Simmons took it WAY too far.
And of course more was expected from the Principal of the school.

Needles to say, the following Monday a bunch of angry parents wrote letters to the district and board complaining about Buffies outrageous behavior.

It was unacceptable!

After she got slammed for it, she came back and took it our on us! She restricted future use of alcohol in student dances, plus reprimanded a few people. Way to go for penalizing the staff for something you were the cause of in the first place.

Buffie tried to deny she was involved but pictures and videos surfaced implicating her. She was seen with thong exposed dry humping and doing the freakum.

WOW said...

2-Buffie and Andre Lawe affair

And it was no secret. She just about flaunted it in the school, as if he was some sort of prize.

She would call him her Work-Husband. Andre would spend hours in her office and they would leave for extended lunch hours together.

They would even come in together in the morning in the same car. Which was weird b/c Andre lived right around the corner and Buffie drove in from New Jersey.

What really confirmed it for us was that email another poster said that was passed around. Clearly, these two were more than just friends.

king of limbs said...

super impressed with the sleuthing on the gmail handle. big time props.

MadMommaCarmen said...

Every dog has its day and its past due time that Buffie had hers. Its close to a miracle that this hasn't blown up in public until now. If you Google "Buffie Simmons" this blog is #2 on the search results.

I bet that at some point over the summer, Buffie "resigns" and maybe we can get a real Superintendent in place for district 17.

Anonymous said...

Incredible! My mouth is still gaped wide open. I can't even close it.
Had to wait to get home just to post that.
Everyone was on their smartphones today at work with popcorn.

Anonymous said...

To WOW, Don't forget she would bring her sick kids to work and she would LEAVE for the rest of the day; using the staff as her own personal baby sitters.

Mind you, dare you as an employee try to bring your kid to work, forget about them being sick. Buffie would send you home PLUS have you written up.

Buffie has burned a lottt of bridges.

Anonymous said...

I really like the double entendre "deep insider". hmm, who is (or was) deep insider?

Anonymous said...

Hey Q, a suggestion to take Buffie's kids names off the blog? Seems not so fair to be posting children's names on a blog vilifying their mother, even if she deserves it, and it was only part of a email sleuthing project.

Deep Insider said...

Just someone who once had a ringside seat to the greatest show on Earth, the NYC DOE in Brooklyn.

king of limbs said...

Anon 9:40: interesting theory but I have to maintain my healthy dose of skepticism. Then again, I don't know what it takes to get a head at the DOE.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Anon 10:20. Agreed. Though I don't think this is my blog anymore. It's been taken over by cyborgs from planet Bone2Pick. I'll probably delete the whole pack once the cease and desist letter arrives by courier...

It would have taken an infinite number of chickens an infinite number of years to peck out the crazy story on a laptop that has just transpired in the space of a few hours. The internet may one day save us, but not before it destroys our souls in the process.

Spitting Image! said...

What the HELL !!!!

How disrespectful is this woman. You mean to tell me she is walking around with that child in people's face saying its not for Andre Lawe.

I don't care what the ex husband looks like,I have seen enough. That is Andres baby!

No DNA test needed the pics show it all.

I'm shocked!

Maury Pauvich said...

What da Rass!

You're making the Jamaican come outta me now. This is ridiculous!
If that's not Andre Lawes baby.

Anonymous said...

Does Raina Slayton know her fiancée is on the DL, plus impregnated a married woman and has a baby out there?

I know and have met both Andre and Buffie.
Buffie is a dark skin woman and looks nothing like this child.

That kid is ALL Andre. ALL.

The ex husband is Lightskin as well but looks nothing like that baby.

Those ears a match, even the bags under the eyes is a match, mouth everything.

My own daughter don't even favor me like that.

This is bananas!

Blue Ivy Simmons said...


The resemblance is striking indeed.
I can confirm this is the same kid Buffie used to bring to the school.
She would bring All of her kids to the school even if only one was sick, but this particular child she would bring quite often.

I dont know if she was just trying to make it known that it was For Andre?

Now that I think about it around te time Buffie was pregnant Andre started distancing himself from her.

They were not as close. He accepted that other job and when he would come to IS 211 he would try to avoid Buffie.

By the time Buffie gave birth Andre Lawe was long gone.

The kid is like 4 or 5 years old now I saw the updated photos on Buffies Facebook page.

Now that the kid is older its really evident that there's no hiding it. That kid looks Exactly, and I mean EXACTLY like Andre Lawe.

Has he no shame?

You are now a successful VP and respected Deacon at your church ... But yet you have an illegitimate child out there that you fathered with a married woman who you don't even provide for financially

Raina Slayton has an older teen daughter from another man and Andre is claiming her like his own.

Anonymous said...

Fellow congregation member of Buffies church here.

We actually drew straws to see who can come in here and give a positive comment for Buffy.

This blog is out of control, but its so hard to feel sorry for her.

Buffy is condescending and very arrogant.

Most of us in the church are married and coupled up, and she seems very jealous and insecure about that.

She has told the congregation that she is doctor and also obtained a degree from Harvard.

We believed it though.
Still waiting on Deep Insider to post documentation that this is not the case.

She tries to make the home-makers, women without professional degrees, and regular 9-5's feel less-than by flaunting her accomplishments.

Every interaction with her she brings up how busy and successful she is.
What does the Bible say about those who like to boast and brag?

She attempted to trist with men who are taken at the church and there was one rumor of inappropriateness with our own Pastor.

He's married by the way.

Success Buffy has plenty, morals she has none.

She seems like the type to trample over whoever she needs to just to get what she wants.

I can relate to the coworker who said she used the office as a babysitting service.

She has done the same at the church.

Drop the children off on a weeknight service or function and then she does disappears.

The children have serious behavioral issues, and sometimes they look a little homeless.

Which is crazy because Buffy is always dressed to the 9's. Hair done, nails done, everything done... shes fancy.

Her holier than though attitude is off the scale, and such a turn off.

I hope she is able to get herself together.

We must continue pray for this womans soul instead of continuing to highlight her faults.

Hopefully one day she will look in the mirror, and see herself for who she is and makes a change.

For herself and for her children.

Anonymous said...

This is bananas. Anyone know if BS has any more community forums coming up? After reading this I would love to see her in action.

Deep Insider said...

Now the Church people are chiming in and putting her on blast. Make no mistake church lady, she has no degree from Harvard, just a certificate she obtained from a conference she attended with Andre Lawe. She never obtained a doctorate as she required either her ex husband or Andre Lawe to do the work necessary for this illiterate to secure that degree. How do you really think she obtained every other degree from undergrad on? I've known of this pretender since she was a rookie teacher at Boys and Girls. It was obvious that she didn't secure her undergrad on her own then, and I have no reason to believe that anything has changed now. As for documentation, I'm waiting for her to make a move, then it's on.

Do Good Unto Others said...

Anon 1:14;

Hopefully this blog will have served its purpose and she realizes that you cant go on treating people any kind of way.
Especially with a whole cemetery of bones in a walk-in closet.

Maybe by the next community meaning she will handle herself with more dignity amnd professionalism.

prospect park said...

Someone from the Buffie Simmons Fan Club should inform Dennis Walcott and the NYC School Investigator about the scams and abuses this woman has perpetrated on the Department of Education.

full story said...

hey Deep Insider, glass houses...

prospect park said...

If everyone's favorite resume padder, embellisher, liar, and defrauder, etc, has been to court, it's easy to pull up the court recrods.

Both New York and New Jersey put almost all case information online.

Divorce, foreclosure, small claims, you name it. Just look it up.

Anonymous said...

Hey Full Story,

Don't make cryptic "threats" over the internet.

Come on wit it.

I dare you.

Anonymous said...

Buffie Simmons has been working very hard to get this page shut down.

Unfortunately for her the worst of the claims posted here are substantiated and she has to tread very carefully as to how to get this blog removed; without tipping off another investigation on her and friends.

She has been in recent contact with Andre Lawe and Carolyn James. Trying to orchestrate a story.

An inside tip also told me she went as far as contacting the IT department randomly asking how can one can send a virus to a page.

Little does she know the very person she asked this random question has been all over this blog.

Its already been discovered that she took out NYC DOE issued Iphones and Ipads for other employees and illegally passed them on to her young children.

Those devices are for professional and official use by members of the DOE. Not to be passed around to children as toys.

Phone service is connected and in service as well.

All this on our tax dollars!

She needs to be smarter. She's being watched closer than she thinks.

Buffie if I were you I would return those Iphones and stop trying to dig around to see what other people know.

You're only making things worse for yourself.

Deep Insider said...

@Full story,

Don't make me laugh. If that is what you believe will keep the truth coming out, then you're as clueless as she is. Or is this yet another moniker for the fool in question? The D.O.I has already been informed, so you're a little late for empty threats.

full story said...

I am still waiting for documentation. your lies are as baseless as your evidence. I don't even know what the DOI has to do with this. Is there a national park involved? clearly you don't know what you are talking about. only rumors and self serving lies.

chicken said...

I just pooped my coop!

BRING IT said...

Full Story the evidence of your affair is with the almost identical resemblance to your kid and Andre Lawe.

Isn't that why you husband divorced your lying, cheating behind ?

You were having people pass messages to your ex to beg him to take you back. Claiming virginity and have only been true to him and him only.

We can pull a rap sheet of people you let run through that. Shall we post your profile you created looking for side penis while you were still married ?
Dates don't lie.

Where exactly is this Harvard degree that you speak of.
Clearly it hasn't stopped you from posting it on your résumé , your Blackpeoplemeet or your Facebook.

You must rly think peope are as dumb as you look.

You are stupid enough used your DOE issued Blackberry, laptop, and IPad to conduct all your scandalous activity.

Shall we post hotel and flight confirmation itinerarys of you flying out to meet men and paying for hotels.

Wire transfers of money to men you barely know.

Leaving the state and country leaving the kids in the house alone for days at a time with nothing but 200 in cash and snacks?

What about that guy you met online in England and were making plans to pack up you kids and leave the country without informing your multiple "baby daddies"

You think you are so smart, meanwhile your whole shat is on blast.
People know exactly why you are doing.

Instead of spending money to take care of your children you use it on strange men, liposuction, and Botox.

Have you looked in the mirror lately. Looks like you need a refund.

full story said...

sh!t you talk about reumes and itineraries but you have nothing to Back your baseless lies. you are all talk and no walk. you are all hat and no horse. your lies and accusations fall on deaf ears to the informed and conscious world. clearly you live in an alternate universe where you make up cra :-) p and pass it off as gospel. I know the gospel and you are the sinner.

Anonymous said...

Are you drunk typing now. Yea we heard about you and your little problem.

You are barely making any sense.

Go tend to your coop Chckenhead!

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence your BlackPeopleMeet screen name is Bvirgo71.

Interesting. Tell us. We're u able to get in touch with Jason? You sooo urgently needed to speak with him.

We know you tried to contact Iraina and let her know that Andre was gay.
Guess if you can't have him no one can huh?

You are despicable.

full story said...

you liars have nothing to show. you are sinners and will burn. show me the money!!!

full story said...

see it gets personal when you talk about my kids. I love my children and you are the sinner with no love in your heart. like I said... glass houses. take a look in the mirror. you are a hatemonger. instead of spreading lies, how about you take care of your companions? I have had indiscretions but YOU are the one filled with hate and may God have mercy on your soul.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Time to shut this down. Don't know how y'all got here, and thanks for sharing, but this is becoming a public stoning and I can't abide by that.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the other blog. I was lost in there until I found the original of this one on the internet and my my my!! I spent my entire vacation glued to the computer screen.
Did Buffie and Andre get the other blog removed??
Did she really threaten Tim with lawyers?
What's going on!

Clarkson FlatBed said...

What's going on is that I got a call from the DOE. When they realized I had nothing to do with the comments on this thing (I do take credit for the post) they moved on. I got a letter from a lawyer that was bogus. I was pretty pissed about that so I just let this thing go back up.

To reiterate. None of these comments were mine, and frankly anyone who would send threatening letters like that doesn't deserve my benefit of the doubt. If I had more interest I could have brought it to the authorities, but it seems she's already got headaches to deal with.

Unknown said...

I see you got one of those bogus letters too huh?
If she would have came clean and sought the assistance of the DOE legal department, there would be no need to seek representation from a law firm that is epically known in town for being shady and underhanded. Instead she chose to hide it and let them find out on their own.
Well, I got news for her. I took my phony "gag order" and "subpoena" and sent a copy of it straight to the judge presiding over this case with a strongly worded letter.
I also filed a complaint with both the NY state and the NJ state bar.
Turns out Jean baptiste and "associates" just recently got his law license back after having it suspended recently for similar violations!
Not surprising. What do you expect from a law office who has fake stock photos of actors and models on their websites pretending to be them.
All while advertising "law representation for those on a budget"

I will tell you one thing, when this is all over Buffie Simmons will be regret the day she chose to harass, badger and falsely accuse me of partaking in a "smear campaign" (as she calls it) blog against her in which I had no knowledge of.

Matter of fact, fracturing my ankle last week allowed me to download the original blog on scribt, and finally catch up on what this whole ordeal is about.

Jean Baptiste said...

Is this thread still active?

Jean Baptiste said...

Just curious, stumbled upon this by accident I curious bout something

Jean Baptiste said...

is jhs 61 on empire blvd ok. my niece going here next week. read on facebook that the principle is not good with civil rights. is this true. I don't want to send my niece there if not good school

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Jean Baptiste: I've heard both good and bad on MS61. I've been in it many times for Community Board meetings, but I'm reluctant to pass a verdict.

If you send me an email (located in my profile) I will connect you with someone who can give you more informed answers.