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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Need Googa? Support the Park and Get Your Mooga.

The Q happens to know that a LOT of you didn't get tix to the Grape Google Moogle coming up May 17-19th. You entered the lottery; you got shut down. But here's the secret "back door" way to get your tickets to the music and food and drink fest that everyone loves or hates but probably wants to go anyway.

Just donate some money to the Prospect Park Alliance (starting at $35) and two Googy Moogy tickets are yours, plus a cute water bottle or some such. That's right. Don't delay. Word is these Goggle Moggle tix are selling for upwards of $50 a piece out on the open market. Why not share some love for Park you love and get your tickets the old fashioned way? Uhhhhhrrrrrn them.

As a fundraiser and Park lover, I urge you to take this offer and run with it. Tell your friends. Let's send the Park a mountain of cash to keep up the good work of making the park betterer. See you on the Nethermead for "homemade" sloppy joes at the Gripe Giggy Miggy!

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babs said...

I protested last year's Googa Mooga (as well as Singapore Day, which thankfully doesn't seem to be making a return appearance), but attended neither. This year I got tickets from the Prospect Park Alliance so I went yesterday so that I would really know what I was protesting.

I am more opposed to this than ever.

I watched as a mother had to explain to her son how they couldn't go play in the park because, "the white people are having a party."

And that's exactly what it was and clearly for whom it was intended - if a Martian were to land there on earth he would assume that NYC was 99% white and under 40 and 100% affluent - virtually all food items were $10 or over (most desserts were $5), and beer and wine started at $7 a cup.

It's clear that the Mayor thinks that these are the people who belong in NY; I guess Emily LLoyd and her cronies do too.

Maybe next year they will hold this monstrosity in the Lakeside Center; that would be less disruptive for all and have less of an environmental impact.