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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Parade Ground Area Shooting

Off the Twitterverse:

  1. Brooklyn: 28 Argyle Rd & Caton Ave. NYPD on scene with 2 males shot calling a Level 1 mobilization. Looking for a black Lincoln.
  2. Brooklyn: Caton Ave & Argyle Rd NYPD on scene with 2 people shot in the playground Requesting a rush on EMS 1 Perp in custody 2 Other fled.

    A friend viewed the roped off scene in person. Hoping to learn more info. Anybody got some?

    Update: Well, Ditmas Park Corner got some. Here's from them:

    A spokesman for the FDNY says two men sustained serious injuries this past Saturday night, September 7, near the Prospect Park Parade Ground. Ambulances responded to a 9:24pm call at Argyle Road and Caton Avenue, and transported the men–one of whom was shot, and one of whom had a hand injury–to Kings County Hospital.

    The 70th Precinct adds the shooting was the result of a fight between the two men, both in their 20s, and police nearby had the suspect in custody immediately. The man shot sustained non life-threatening injuries to the stomach.

    The 70th also says a woman running from the shooting was hit by a car and sustained injuries to her knee. She was also taken to Kings County Hospital with non life-threatening injuries. It is unclear whether she was involved in the shooting.

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