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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Live Blogging Our Council Race

9:50 - With 3% of the vote in, incumbent Mathieu Eugene leads 51% to 36%.

Now let me just note that by Live Blogging I mean what most of those other Live Bloggers mean. I sit here and press refresh on my browser on the NY Times website every few minutes, then I zip over to Google's blogger interface and type it up, then maybe make some pithy remark. How this is any better than you doing the exact same thing and then make the pithy remark to your spouse or pet, I do not know.

10PM: Whoa! Saundra Thomas just blew into the lead with nearly 50%! Must have been the two dozen votes I cast over at PS92! Perhaps the first election district to report was the one where Eugene's motorcade showed up (Caton School) with a picture of the candidate plastered on a motorcycle parked just outside the polling place, in clear violation of the law.

10:08: Lead holding. By the way, I took the comment moderation and word scrambler off so feel free to comment in real time...

Also I like what I'm seeing in the 35th! My main lady Laurie Cumbo is leading a strong field, and if it holds, our neighbors just north of Empire will be well represented. She's a class act, to be sure, founder of the Museum of Contemporary African Diaspora Arts (MoCADA) in Ft. Greene.

This race is an excellent example of why voting is so crucial. Each and every one of you who voted is showing up in these numbers, and in a tight race like this, it really matters whether you got it together to vote. I want to personally kiss each of you voted for ST, but prudence and feasibility suggest I stick to Live Blogging, which is sort of a digital kiss, don't you think? XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO.

10:20 - Holy Crap this race is tighter than fat man in a sewer pipe! 42ish to 39ish in Saundra's favor. That's with 13% returns...

10:25 - Other races kinda funky. Tish is running neck and neck with Squadron. De Blasio might not make 40% and a runoff with Thompson will be interesting. But God, dear God, who are these 15,000 people who've voted for Weiner? Is that the Sext Addict vote?

10:29 - Great Snakes! Eugene up by a point with 20% returns!! This race is gonna squeak like brakes with worn pads!

10:33 - If Kinard and Grant hadn'ta run...but you know what? Anyone can run, and gosh dangit that's what makes the Bush Flat.

10:34 - Criminy!!! What gives? Eugene's up by 5% with 30% returns!! Must have been a largely Haitian district reporting...either that or the psych ward at Kings County...

10:37 - Oy Vey! Eugene walking away, up by 7% with 36% in. Vito Lopez seems to be going down though. Good riddance.

10:43 - Lead holding. 40% in. And Saundra's mom is up here from Atlanta and everything. Don't let me's not pretty when a big beefy blogger brat bawls as a baby boy.

10:46 - Narrowing, narrowing...keep 'em comin' keep 'em comin'...

10:48 - Like a shot in the gut! Eugene's back on top by 6 with 54%! Better pray Lefferts is still to come...hee hee.

10:53 - I'm getting that gloomy no good feeling. It's still a 5 point race at nearly 70% in.

10:59 - Ken Thompson's gonna win the Dem primary against Charles Hynes in the Brooklyn D.A. race, and then face...Charles Hynes, who's the uncontested Republican candidate. How often does THAT happen?

11:15 - Took a break to steel myself for the reality and eat a popsicle. Look, our man Eugene has been handed a confidence vote. He'll likely be around for another four years. He'll hate the Q with a passion and I'll continue to dog him for not doing enough. And in 2017, should "God" tell him to run again (as he's suggested) because of the insane situation regarding how he was help me Allah I'll...

Dramatic pause.

O.K. If you go to "Dr." Eugene's office in the next four years (I doubt I'll be welcomed back), do me a favor. As he's speaking in his conference room at his Linden Blvd office, take a glance at the wall. You'll be looking at the below lovingly rendered portrait, and perhaps wondering, as I am right now, how strange it can be to live in a democracy, where a man without a clue can not only get elected, but stay elected.


AJM said...

Huff Post results look scary right now: 36% reporting, Eugene at 47.6, Saundra at 38.2


Anonymous said...

Depressing if Eugene wins. Yes, the others had a right to vote, but with turn out so low in primaries. I have to wonder what one was thinking once they knew that they were in 3rd or 4th place. I suppose to be interested in politics you have to believe in the ridiculous coming true and just jump in sometimes. I dunno. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

So shall we start a write in campaign come election time?

rose said...

He won-Lord help us! He's going to be more arrogant than before, knowing our efforts failed. The community has to galvanized-work together to implement changes, get things done-despite him. How depressing!

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Eugene won? Maybe the next ten percent will all come in for Thomas...

Anonymous said...

I think those who feel strongly about Eugene (if he formally wins) and his questionable behavior (i.e. the motorcycle ad at the polling center) should collectively write up their complaints with specificity and submit them to his office and the NY State Board of Elections or whoever has the authority to review his questionable ethics over the last few years. He NEEDS to know that people aren't just going to sit back these next 4 years and condone his laziness, poor moral judgment, and bully tactics.

Also, perhaps a local paper would fine it worthwhile to do an expose on his dirty politics.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I appreciate your sentiment but Grant and Kinard still get a healthy amount of my resentment.

Anonymous said...

CBS is showing 47% for Eugene and 39% for Thomas with 84% in. They haven't called it for Eugene though. Some glimmer of hope is still alive I guess. I'm all for this write-in campaign if Eugene wins. No way I'm voting for that idiot.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this- Kinard received more votes than Thomas. Go figure Eugene does not even have a proper website, and he won. The most unprofessional politician I have yet to encounter, a disgrace to the job that he holds.

Anonymous said...

Sylvia Kinard is a disgrace that should go ask for a big check from eugene and an then go on an apolgy tour around the 40th district.

Daniel said...

Kinard's votes could have gone to Thomas. I knew this would happen. Damn. How can a do nothing politician win reelection? Is this the forecast for the Congressional midterms?

And you catch Mr Eugene in one of his tirades when pressed on a issue, record it on your phone. It might help expose this charlatan for who he is to a wider audience.


Wintrollop said...

Quick question: did anyone else find themselves somehow missing from the voter rolls this morning? I received a mailer from the board of elections a couple of weeks ago confirming I was registered and giving me the polling place...heck, I even voted in this district once already back in November and had no trouble. And then today I was nowhere to be found. I just really HATE voting by affadavit, which basically means not voting at all. And when you multiply the number of affadavit ballots I saw stuffed in the back of our district's booth by quite a few booths, it just makes me wonder. Who should I contact?

MAJORLY SAD ABOUT SAUNDRA! She would have been awesome.

Rudy on Winthrop said...

Persevere, Lefferts!

Anonymous said...

2 words - Charlie Rangel

Anonymous said...

How such a clueless person got elected and reelected twice and the only reason he got the endorsements he did because it sure wasn't based on his lackluster record in office: Yvette Clarke. Maybe she can maybe she can't be voted out but we can make sure she never climbs any higher than where she is now. And we can ignore all the the Working Families Party endorsements from now on. I will.

Anonymous said...

He also had a car with his posters in the windows outside PS92.

Sean said...

When I went to vote he had a car with a loudspeaker on the roof trolling the block extolling his virtues. It was right in front of the door. Pretty sure that's not okay.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if that was because you were trying to vote in the wrong election district. At MS 61, the people at the table in front who are supposed to look up your election district for you by your address kept making mistakes. My address is an odd number, but they gave me the election district number for the even-numbered side of the street, which is different. I think they did that to at least one other person who was voting when I did. So, I think the problem is more likely basic incompetence by the polling place workers and not some kind of purge of names from the voter rolls. Sorry that happened to you.

peter said...

Anon @ 11:44
Kincaid only got about 10% of the vote compared to Thomas' 38%, so she didn't really swing the results that much. I do wonder if the Eugene campaign tried to help her in order to divide the anti-Eugene vote. But Thomas got over 75% of the anti-Eugene vote at the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

That remark at 10:34 in the post was pretty ugly. One might reasonably presume that some of the votes for Thomas were cast by Haitians--that it wasn't just a matter of "the Haitians" v. People Who Want Change. Your remark certainly was no reward to any Haitian voters who decided that Thomas was the right candidate.

babs said...

BTW, Snob, you couldn't have voted Republican unless you're registered as one. Did you notice that when you got to vote the poll workers filled out a little card with your information? It was green for Democrats and pink for Republicans. The machine is then set to vote only on that color. Of course, no-one was ever asking party affiliation, just automatically filling out green cards for everyone. I found this out when a friend, who is a registered Republican, couldn't vote on her party line. When she came out to question it, and mentioned that she was a Republican, you'd have thought she'd said she was from Mars. Everyone came over to look at her! And of course they had to write her a pink card and reset the machine so she could vote. Fun!

babs said...

But seriously, what can we do now? Is a write-in campaign the only recourse? How can we report these observed improprieties to higher-ups in City government? Because, seriously, a representative who actively insults and even threatens constituents shouldn't be allowed to remain in office.

Bob Marvin said...

I don't think that Eugene can actually be defeated by a write in candidate, but a significant write-in vote would embarrass him which is a worthy goal in itself. Another possibility would be to vote for a minor parry candidate, as a protest vote. Even if the extraordinary were to happen and a "wing nut" candidate were to win, he/she couldn't possibly do any more harm on the City Council than Eugene.

Of course if Sandra Thomas WERE to OK a write-In campaign, she'd have my vote.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

If the vote had been closer I could see contesting it. But not with a spread of more than, say, 2%. The best that could be hoped for by an uproar would be a runoff, which Saundra would win easily.

The people have spoken. The system's what it is. And I doubt that a motorcycle and car with the candidate's image would count as serious voting fraud.

And let's hope for a do-nothing Eugene, rather than a punishing Eugene!

It's safe to say that Saundra (and Kinard and Grant) stunned the establishment. We're just getting going...

I wrote ST and she wrote back a warm and realistic assessment, betraying no bitterness. It's gotta sting though.


pavanit said...

It would be helpful from some who might know what the community who opposes Eugene can do collectively to protest his representation of the 40th District and more importantly call him to task on his bad (and perhaps illegal or unethical) behavior. Also, can we present a collective complaint letter to Yvette Clark about her "choice" so there is a public record of dissent about her decision with Eugene. She needs to understand that "her" choice (Eugene)has not served the 40th well, and the facts show it, and she needs to be accountable somehow.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Yvette? Vote her out of office. Maybe that should be Saundra's next run...not kidding here. Someone's gotta take her on, and Sylvia made some headway last year.

peter said...

I agree that it's pretty much a done deal. There is no Republican candidate (correct?) and there is basically zero chance somebody can win with a write in vote. But I'm going to do a write in vote anyway as a protest.

Bob Marvin said...

" let's hope for a do-nothing Eugene, rather than a punishing Eugene"

Not a worry--do you really think that Eugene would be more competent at "punishment" than at anything else?

babs said...

Who are we going to write in? And are there any fringe candidates out there? I agree, no matter how nutty, he or she couldn't be worse than Eugene.

Bob Marvin said...

IIRC there was a "Trot" candidate running four years ago; I couldn't find any listing for minor party candidates this year.

ceelledee said...

(Warning: in my typical long winded fashion, I see that the conversation has now moved on somewhat from where it was when I began drafting this post - but, hopefully, there's something here worth posting nevertheless). :-) So here goes:

I think the "biggest" thing the community who opposes Eugene (and others of his political ilk) can do collectively the next time around is to get more involved in actual political decision-making!

Having worked for most of the day yesterday at McKeever Pl. passing out palm cards for Saundra's campaign, I cannot tell you how thrilling it was to see and meet so many of the PLGers who came out to cast their votes in this election. Those of you who cared enough to get the polls and vote, were so informed, so determined and so optimistic that I had no doubt Saundra would carry the election. Yet, at the end of the day as we gathered at campaign headquarters, watching the numbers come in, I was sadly reminded of how too many of us take our democracy for granted. So, for example, as I looked at the numbers coming in from McKeever Place, especially those of my own precinct, I could see that Saundra had beaten Eugene 2-1. (Yay North PLG/Ocean Avenue!) Yet, when you reduced that tally by percentage to actual votes, here's what you get: 93 Thomas; 49 Eugene. Which means that only 142 people from my precinct's electorate bothered to cast a ballot in this election. The rest of us, I suppose, simply shrugged off the process or expected it to be dealt with . . .by the rest of us. (Yes, there were a handful of folk who likely voted for Kinard and Grant but, unfortunately, the poll watcher at that precinct did not count the votes for the latter).

Also unfortunately, that same shrug-off got repeated too often throughout the entire 40th CD. Thus, in a community of roughly 67,000 registered Democrats, a mere 8% of the electorate actually turned out to cast ballots in the city council race. (Ironically, voter turn out in this primary election is the largest it has ever been for the 40th CD). And, while I could go on and on about the numbers because it was so fascinating to see the performance of the entire district across various 'hoods and byways, here's my HO on the major reasons why we got the results that we did yesterday:

1. Voter apathy
2. Machine endorsements
3. Vote splitting among the opposition candidates

Seems to me that, when we look at that list, there is some -- but not much -- we can do about machine endorsements. Machines will keep turning until broken or someone comes along and builds a better one. Nor can we do much in the way of convincing a determined candidate spoiler to not enter a race or to withdraw from it. Individual ego has a nasty way of persisting over common sense and/or the best interests of the people. (And, as Sylvia has noted, we do live in a democracy!) So that, for me, leaves #3 -- voter apathy. I think it's the one thing on that list that we can do the most about. And, if we don't, we can only expect more rotten results like the one we got yesterday.

Hopefully, for most of the folk who are reading and posting to this blog, all I've just said is nothing more than a corny and unnecessary "sermon" to the already-converted. (Again, so many PLGers didn't even bother to take Saundra's palm card because, as you told me, you already knew who you were going to vote for and that candidate was Saundra Thomas!) But, I also know that we all know so many of our neighbors, family members and friends who could've cast a vote in this election but for some reason or another decided not to. Aargh! In my mind, the level of informed voter turnout is not just one weak point among a list of several vulnerable areas, but rather it's the area in which we have the greatest possibility of making really positive change in the future. Let’s do that.

rose said...

Last night I couldn’t watch the results after 10:00 pm, I was too disheartened. I guess we have to move on.
For the person that reference that the Haitian community voted for him-yes they did, overwhelmingly. That’s because ladies and gentlemen, they are not aware of his shenanigans. I don’t know if Thomas had foot soldiers in that community that spoke the language. Every time I spoke with a person of Haitian decent, most of them didn’t know who Thomas was, or whether Eugene had a challenger.

Anonymous said...

When my husband and I got home last night from the polling station we were greeted by a voice mail from Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke who said she was "wholeheartedly and enthusiastically" supporting Dr. Mathieu Eugene for District 40 Council Member. My husband and I immediately sat down and sent her an email to let her know how very disappointed we both were with her endorsement. I strongly suggest everyone do the same.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

you know what sucks about that? and now i'm giving away secrets...yvette's mom, the infamous once councilwoman who MADE Eugene, una clarke, was an early underground helper of the thomas campaign.

way to divide and conquer. yuck.

no way i was going to keep that to myself.

rose said...

We should all email her and inundate her with our displeasure. What is the best email address to reach her? I’m so pissed!

Anonymous said...

You can email Ms. Clarke @

ceelledee said...

One more bit of observation:
I'm pretty certain that a major reason why PLG voters were so informed and determined about how best to use our votes in the council race was because of Tim's outstanding work in creating this platform for identification and discussion of our community issues. In fact, I'm willing to bet that Tim's consistent muckraking has had much to do with giving Mathieu Eugene the most serious run for his political life that he's ever encountered.

Can't thank you enough Tim for the Q blog and all you do here and elsewhere for our community!

The Snob said...

ceelledee, on apathy, you are 1000% correct. That turnout -- in a mayoral primary! -- really says all you need to say. We are the 8%.

(Now, as far as fixing bout a day off for voting? how bout machines that work? savvy poll site staff? meaningful public forums? I wish I were as sanguine as you are about the possibilities for change.)

Anonymous said...

Agree with Ceelledee. We were lucky to be so informed. Probably a lot of Thomas's 38% was from voters who read this and Ditmas Park blogs.

Anonymous said...

When I went to the polls at around 8:30, who did I see hanging around in the gym right by the voting machines and clearly electioneering? Why, Mathieu Eugene! I don't much of the nitty-gritty of campaign law but I knew that unless he was just there to vote that this wasn't right. In the time I was there he moved to at least three of the voting areas to chat people up. No idea how long he had been there, but no one said a word. After that, I wasn't surprised to read the story about the motorcade. I'll be writing to the Board of Elections about this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I looking at these comments and I feel nothing but pity for all of you. I thought I would come here and rub salt on the wounds of Tim and his disciples.

So now you want Ms. Thomas to run on the Republican ticket? Are you stupid? You must be. You people have no principles. You would vote for Satan himself if he ran against Mathieu right? Of course you would. You hate Mathieu with a passion but that's ok because you are a tiny minority that have nothing interesting to say. All of you don't know anything about politics.

I hope he sues you for defamation of character.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Well, hello! Finally some fightin' words!

Your tiny minority actually BEAT your man (or is it brother. Is this Maxi?) Sadly, those opposing votes weren't all for the same candidate, and we'll be doomed to four more years of mediocrity. Suffice to say, that tiny minority of more votes than the incumbent got is also dissatisfied with the work that he's been doing.

Also, read up on your definition of "defamation." My statements would have to be proven false and injurious, among other things. As political speech, they're held to an even higher standard. A judge would laugh a lowly blog post out of the courtroom. I doubt that the "winning" "Dr." Eugene could prove injury. Though sometimes the truth hurts, like when someone on the subway once said I looked like a fat Vince Vaughn. Should I have sued him?

Bring it on, fella. I've got nothing but the first amendment on my side (and please don't say you've got nothing but the second...that would be too easy a joke, and a little frightening to boot).

ceelledee said...

Tiny minority, Anon 10:29? I hardly think so. You see, 52% of those who cast ballots in the 40th CD councilmanic race yesterday VOTED AGAINST your guy. That means the MAJORITY of the district's active electorate clearly stated yesterday that they do not want Mathieu Eugene to represent them on the City Council.

Anonymous said...

Don't pity us. You'll have to endure the stink of his ineffectiveness too. I mean, if you want to make sure your neighborhood stays affordable for low income to middle class individuals, you'd want someone who is at policy and whatnot. An ineffective politician isn't going to do it. So, we may have trash on the streets, playgrounds not getting locked up, and lack of community funds, but that will change along with the cost of living. I'd personally like to have these things and have the neighborhood serve everyone. So, our "tiny minority" of 52% will stay right here fighting the good fight. Afterall, 1. Politicians can't serve the poor very welll if they are ineffective, 2. Some who don't like Mr. Eugene aren't directly affected by his incompetence. Perhaps if more were directly affected, the "minority" might have been more than 52%. Are we all indirectly affected? Yes, but that can be kind of easy to ignore, especially if you're white, upper middle class, educated, white dude. Kind of a bummer, but a sad reality. So, my neighbor, everyone lost here whether or not they know it, and some more than others whether or not they know it. No one wins when incompetence is in charge.

(P.s. no one mentioned that Ms. Thomas run as a Republican. That's your own misreading of people's desires to cast a protest ballot by voting for some one in a different party.)


Lilhomerflanders said...

Ironically enough, I thought the idea to write in Saundra's name was to block satan himself or to be politically correct dr lucifer from reclaiming office. Clearly I'm part of team stupid though. It's also ironic that you bring up a defamation of character suit. A few weeks ago, he allowed his staffers to berate my daughter and I with false ignorant comments in a public place causing damage to my reputation and putting our safety at risk. Not sure this meets the threshold for defamation of character but I'm certain that it proves the good Doc is a real douche bag.

Anonymous said...

The electioneering and the berating and threatening of constituents needs to be reported to Board of Elections. Get out word for everyone to send their names and contact info to Tim along with all sightings of electioneering by Eugene.
As for a write-in for Sandra Thomas in November, we will do that or we will vote for the Republican. I'm not voting for Eugene merely because he's a Democrat.

peter said...

I wonder if there is enough evidence of Eugene's bad campaign behavior to get the press interested in publishing a story on it?

MadMommaCarmen said...

Contact the Board of Elections here:

345 Adams Street, 4 Fl
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Tel: 1.718.797.8800
Fax: 1.718.248.5958
Hours of Operation – 9 A.M.- 5 P.M.

I've already sent my complaint in.

Anonymous said...

Not that many people showed up on Tuesday. I don't know if that's because some felt like it didn't matter or whether there were some independent voters that couldn't vote on Tuesday that would have gone to Saundra Thomas. Maybe it's both. This is a strong Democratic district. You have to be a Democrat in order to vote in the primaries. And you have to come out to vote. You don't have to follow everything the Democratic party does but you choose the party that is closely aligned with your beliefs. Just something I want independents to think about.

As for "master", I think those of us should continue to fight the good fight and get the media involved. This is very important. This is part of the reason why this he keeps getting reelected.

Anonymous said...

Regarding libel and defamation --

A public figure -- a politician -- is fair game for any kind of verbal or written attack. He can be brutally excoriated in every medium. You can tell all the lies you want about a public figure without fear of a lawsuit -- except for this:

You're asking for trouble is you FALSELY claim that a public figure has committed a heinous crime (sexual assault on a child) or has a loathsome disease (AIDS).

Short of that, public figures are fair game for endless abuse. They're powerless to strike back legally.

Anonymous said...

Tim has declared war on Dr. Eugene and it has nothing to do with politics. It's all personal isn't Tim? Why? Because he doesn't have time for your stupid questions? Because he won't shake your hand? Get a life. Dr. Eugene is a very busy man working tirelessly doing the people's work and you and your herd of sheep are trying to sabotage that by filing erroneous complaints to the Board Of Elections? Go ahead. Dr. Eugene has done nothing wrong.

This is my last response to you. Like I said, I just here to rub some salt on your wounds after Dr. Eugene big win this past Tuesday. I know your disciples are taking this very hard. Try some anti-depressants. You'll need it!

And By the way, your blog is boring. Nothing interesting to see. Your commentators are 5 people and 2 of them reply to themselves anonymously. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

^ hahahaha I'm guessing you don't get what a fool you sound like when you present yourself as someone who is interested in rubbing salt in another's wounds. Charming. You sound like a very kind and forgiving person and an awesome neighbor.

Bababababa nothing wrong with being a sheep if the shepherd is the truth.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha this is the funniest blog ever. Its either you hate this man or you love him. but believe me all the people that voted him into office voted for him because he's helped them in some way or form. that's how you get votes. that's how you win an election. i HIGHLY doubt any illegal "electioneering" he allegedly did would have made an effect on a persons decision before they got to the polls. its clear to see that there were some pretty strong views about this election and its candidates. you guys sound pathetic trying to find any reason and excuse. And the comment about the Haitians has some truth to it. but so what?! next thing you guys are going to be talking about removing all the Haitians out of the district???? hahahaa throw all the shade you want. this election is over so stop crying like babies. maybe now Tim can give his sick little obsession with COUNCILMAN DOCTOR MATHIEU EUGENE a rest and discuss more interesting topics like stray cats or sewer drains or something..

Bob Marvin said...

"Dr. Eugene is a very busy man working tirelessly doing the people's work"

That statement would be high comedy, if it wasn't so sad.

I don't question Eugene's intentions--it's just that he's so spectacularly incapable of actually doing the people's work.

The Snob said...

"All the people that voted him into office voted for him because he's helped them in some way or form." That sounds about right. The 4000 votes that Eugene got were e
ssentially paid for with his Council largesse. Which just leaves the other 63,000 people in the community, our dirty streets, gang violence, and struggling schools.

Anonymous said...

If there were anything more to prove what a an inexperienced, unqualified and unprofessional council person Mathieu Eugene is, it is reading the inarticulate, totally untrue and inaccurate defenses of him it seems he either wrote himself or asked his little cronies to write just above. Because come on, how otherwise would these people even know about this blog and this thread to come and post here for the very first time ever. He's just abusing, insulting and underestimating the intelligence of the public yet again. Way to go, Yvette Clarke!! Really know how to pick 'em.

peter said...

Anon @ 10:08: "but believe me all the people that voted him into office voted for him because he's helped them in some way or form. that's how you get votes. that's how you win an election."

Right.. so basically, Eugene uses his Council Member Items to spread lots of small grants to nonprofits all over the district and then come election time he reminds people to vote for him because of the "millions" he claims to have brought to the district. Well, any Councilmember can do that because they vote themselves these member items in the City budget to hand out at their own discretion. He shouldn't be hailed as a genius for handing out money just like every other Council member can. He's taking your tax dollars and spending it on buying votes to get himself re-elected so he can keep a six figure job that doesn't even require he shows up for work. It's sad.

peter said...

Snob, exactly, these defenders of Eugene are probably bought and paid for. He gives $10,000 to "Q Kingdom Ministries, Inc" or "Horeb French Seventh Day Adventist Church", ostensibly for some kind of social program -- and by the way, those are real grants he's made out of his member items -- and those church members do their duty by voting for him at the polls. Bought and paid for.

Anonymous said...

If you want a definition of corruption you'll find it includes photos of Mathieu Eugene, and Una and Yvette Clarke.

Let's not forget that Yvette said she FORGOT she hadn't graduated from college after claiming she had. But, despite the fact that her lie exposes a deep character flaw, her witless supporters elected her.

When the Obamacare bill was still in the House, she was the key speaker at an event explaining it to again, her hapless, witless supporters.

She couldn't say enough times how wonderful it would be, implying that for most people in the audience, the new healthcare would be free. And, If You Like Your Doctor You Can Keep Him.

This woman never met a lie she didn't like, especially if it might bring her a few votes. Shirley Chisholm must be turning in her grave.

As for the quack, self-proclaimed doctor, M Eugene, well, let's start with the fact that he's not a doctor. He certainly didn't attend a medical school. Perhaps he studied podiatry. In any case, unless you've got a medical license, you're NOT a doctor.

No license for Eugene. Hence, he ain't no doctor. But he is a corrupt office holder who hands over city-funded contracts to his relatives, which is illegal.

Daycare anyone? Meanwhile, there's no doubt he assists illegal aliens who seek social benefits to which they are not entitled.

Anonymous said...

its a shame how someone can spend years working on they're medical degree, (Which he has I've met people who went to school and graduated with him)and not be given credit for the time and money spent to get it. Simply ridiculous. He never said he was licensed to practice in the states. He said he went to medical school. if Tim had a ph.d in "Blogenomics" he'd be calling himself doctor too..

Anonymous said...

I've sat back and watched this for quite some time. Now I would like to leave a comment. Mathieu Eugene is by far one of the most ignorant people that I have ever met. Have no faith in his ability to "Buy the Vote" this man can barely read a sentence and during my time in his presence (I worked in his office) failed to show any ability in critical thinking. He won this election because the people that support him don't know enough about politics to realize how inept he is. He uses religion and vague language to keep his flock of supporters. The general is coming up and Silvia Kinard is running, I would strongly suggest throwing your vote to her. This man isn't just a bad elected official, he's the WORSE. People like him destroy communities, we have to get him out.

Anonymous said...

Now we're discussing articulation on a BLOG. AS IF it were The New York Times or something. I'm not getting paid to write these comments by the way,this is all for my own personal enjoyment. Just wanted to make that clear. But I'll leave you with this:
You may bellyache all you want about Mathieu Eugene, but he genuinely is a good person and he IS your councilman for the next four years. Instead of criticizing, complaining and attacking the man why not focus on working with what you have. The 10 of you are such an enthusiastic bunch. Let's try redirecting our energies into trying to work with the councilman in a positive fashion for the prosperity of this district. There's an even bigger issue in this district and it has to do with division: Division of cultures and division of perceptions. Until we all get on the same page moving forward will be inescapably difficult.

ceelledee said...

Ok, folk. We've had our chance to express our disappointment in the election results. I hear you and I'm with you, but now I'm feeling that this conversation is starting to go to the pits. Seems like we're chomping on the bait that truly ignorant Eugene supporters and/or a troll have thrown out. What's that gonna get us except more frustration and disappointment?

A few days ago, The Snob wondered how I could be so sanguine about the possibilities for change in the face of this election outcome. Honestly? I wonder that myself at times. But, all I can tell you is that this sanguine headset of mine actually came from listening to Saundra Thomas's "concession" speech on election night. It was incredibly uplifting!

Beyond thanking all her supporters, Saundra focused on the positives of the journey. She hardly mentioned Eugene and instead talked about why she had entered the race in the first place: love of community and a real desire to be proactive in making positive change. She then acknowledged all the wonderful people and organizations she met during the process. She talked about how her own understanding of what's needed here, as well as what's needed to make positive change happen, had increased tremendously. Then, she asked us not to give up because there was way too much work to do and, as for herself, she was getting started.

Later, I noted that her daughter and her partner were similarly warm, upbeat and encouraging to all the campaign workers, volunteers, etc. assembled there. But, perhaps the most telling exchange that night came from none other than Saundra's mom! As I was moaning and groaning about the defeat and expressing my fears of how the incumbent would now surely seek revenge on those persons and communities who dared challenge his status as the Emperor of Flatbush, Saundra's mom asked: So what are you going to do about it? It was such a simple question, but it packed a whole lot of punch! In thinking about various issues in the community that could really benefit from Eugene's support and involvement, that question forced me to think about whether all those important goals are now to be sacrificed for the next 4 years because we have once again been robbed of an effective voice in the City Council. Alternatively, I realized the greater challenge behind such a question is this: what's our Plan B? And, the more I thought about now how to move forward strategically on one particular issue of note, I became more encouraged to find new solutions rather than stay stuck in the ugliness of the defeat. As such, I became more "sanguine."

So, that's why I've been "banging the can" (as Tim might say :-)) about the need to fight our apathy not just as voters every election cycle but also as everyday citizens. At this point, I’m thinking the most powerful thing we can do from this point on is to work towards building more powerful community organizations that will serve our interests -- interests that Eugene so consistently ignores or exploits for his own benefit. I also think it'll be critically important for us to strive for collaborations with community organizations not just throughout PLG but also within the entire district. You may recall that a key theme of Saundra's campaign was that we must work to build community TOGETHER. As simplistic as that goal may sound, it’s one we better adopt if we don't wish to find ourselves sitting here, moaning and groaning over our losses in the next election.

So that's another 25 cents as to where I think we should turning our attention and energy these days. I say let the Eugene camp celebrate their dubious "victory" for now. Yes, it will surely be another painful 4 years under his misleadership. But, meanwhile, these results tell us that we clearly have some real work to do for the betterment of our community. Anyone interested in taking the conversation in a more forward-looking direction?

Bob Marvin said...

"The general is coming up and Silvia Kinard is running"

Really? I didn't know that. What line is she running on? If this is so there's actually someone to vote for!

Bob Marvin said...

I just answered my own question (ain't Google great?) Sylvia is on the Rent Party Line, whatever that is. Beats voting for a Trot candidate again :-)

She was always a credible candidate, just less likely than Sandra Thomas to beat Eugene in the primary. Wouldn't it be great if she won?

babs said...

This is fabulous news! I'll be telling all of my neighbors to vote for Sylvia (and many of them aren't registered Dems and so couldn't vote in the primary, so there's a whole crop of new votes coming in against Eugene).

Anonymous said...

This thread has been incredibly difficult to read. I wanted to refrain from commenting, but I feel like it would be wrong for me not to add my voice.

The way many of you have described Mathieu is very different from the person I know and had the opportunity to work with for four years. He's a genuine elected official and has a clear passion for helping constituents regardless of their circumstance. He has been and will continue to be an advocate for the district just as he was before being elected. The machine politics you describe only gets you so far.

I've worked with him on countless projects and find the "do nothing" and "corrupt" attitude to be far from reality. You're welcome to believe this, but I would urge anyone to actually interact with him, discuss an idea, law or policy with him you have to better the district, or share an opinion about an issue that affects you and your neighbors.

There's no such a thing as a king of the district or a Council Member who can claim full responsibility for the outcomes of major issues, such as public education and violent crime. The nature of the work is most often about collaboration and diligent efforts with city agencies to resolve conflicts or implement a wide range of projects, all the while being confronted with increasingly limited resources.

Regardless of your opinion, I encourage everyone to make your voice heard--to any elected official. You can make a difference outside the polling booth and I think you would be surprised how much your suggestions do matter and make the community a better place.

As a side note, one misconception that I think deserves an immediate clarification is about funding for churches. Discretionary funding is strictly prohibited for religious purposes. This funding is for senior centers, and in a few cases, after school and youth programs. In fact, these groups must sign and notarize a disclosure form for this.

Finally, I know that I represent a particular point of view and I think that's alright. However, to be clear, nobody asked me to say anything and I did not work for the campaign. I also respect all of your opinions and simply want to share my thoughts.

MadMommaCarmen said...

Dear Anonymous at 5:01pm:

Although I disagree with your perspective of Eugene, I want to thank you for communicating in such a respectful manner.

I'm not a crooke said...

The ultra orthodox jewish community came out in droves for Charles Hynes but that's ok right? No one questions hassids when they vote in unison for a candidate.

Mathieu Eugene may be incompetent, he may not have the slightest clue about what he is suppose to do. Hell, he might be a deer in the headlights when it comes to politics but I much rather deal with HIM than deal with some of you who have more of a deep seated hatred for him that I find disturbing. Dare I say it has some ethnic/racial overtones? One of his supporters here has a point even if he/she is trolling Q on this blog. I vote for Saundra Thomas btw.

I'm not a crooke said...

Let me just add this by saying if you live in PLG or Flatbush and find some joy fanning the flames of hatred to one man, then I think you should be ostracized from the community. We don't need that here. And Q, you need to moderate your comments section. You've allowed more than one troll to poison the conversation.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

I actually haven't heard anything I would call trollish. Sounds like impassioned conversation to me.

To the anon on Sept 12 who said "And By the way, your blog is boring," that's probably the only thing I'm hurt by. This thread has been a ball! And if you're reading now, I'll bet you'd agree.

I would also add (at the risk of offending someone) that I don't consider it a good thing when groups of people follow a leader and vote as they're told, Jewish, Catholic, union, or whatever. But it happens. It would be unfair to say it's the same as Haitians voting for Haitians: IF they're qualified and doing a fairly good job. Haitians have never had a leader so high up the ladders as Eugene, and one certainly couldn't be faulted to want one's ethnic group to have representation. Hell, I voted for him three or four times (hard to tell with all the shenanigans of the first time). I too was seduced by the idea of voting for someone from a largely disenfranchised group.

But then I met the man, and all that changed. I know he has some fanatic supporters - I've met them and they practically spit on me at a forum. The one dignified comment above in favor of Mr. Eugene is interesting - sir/madame I'd love it if you'd email me and we can talk. Would love to hear about the good things he's done so that I can see the full picture. Alas, most of y'all prefer anonymity. That's the downside, but in general I love hearing people mouth off.

People who've worked more closely with him than any of you have given me a much broader picture of his time in office than I ever expected to see. I am not invested in Mr. Eugene personally. This is about the future of the neighborhood, and pretty much everything I've read above shows that there are lots of others who share my desire to get stuff done.

So let's move on, or vote for Sylvia, or work with Mr. Eugene, or whatever, but keep it civil, keep it upbeat, and keep it clean. I mean, really. Take care of your trash!!!! And the dog doo!


Deirdre said...

Sorry Q,
I read your stories about Eugene, was horrified, and then read some articles on my own to see if what you said was true. And was then was further horrified to see that you were right.
I don't live in your district but I work and shop in it. I don't want to because as I don't feel safe-- and I say this as someone who lived through the seventies without too much damage. Eugene played the immigrant race card and won. Again.
Good luck from Flatbush (45th district)

Anonymous said...

Like an itch that just won't go away, I have to break a promise I made.

"But then I met the man, and all that changed."

Yes. Right after you tried to sully his reputation with idiotic questions about his credentials. Those meetings you rant about are of your own doing. We spit on those who create dissension and division among the residents of this great neighborhood and you are one of them. You are the biggest tool I've ever met. You say you care but you come to the meetings and show that you care by throw false accusations about Dr. Eugene? Are you kidding me???

Because of Dr. Eugene, KCHC is expanding. Because of Dr. Eugene, we have more community centers available than ever before. You whine about trash? Well guess what, there's trash everywhere especially in a densely population neighborhood like ours. Take it up with DSNY.

And crime? Please Tim. I suppose you want Dr. Eugene to go in front of Ray Kelly and demand 5,000 extra cops right? Like it's that easy? Or maybe, frisk every single young black male 14 to 26 and come up with nothing right? Yes, that makes sense... to an idiot with no real world knowledge of how things work.

You are not politically savy. You don't know anything about the inner workings of the city council. You're a fat old blogger who's blog is about as popular as Ebola.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Popular as Ebola! I like that, I'm gonna use it...

Listen, I met, spoke with, discussed, argued, and tried my best to fathom how he got elected many, many times. I sat in his office, I talked to him at the Community Board. I listened and tried to see where he was coming from. I tried to explain things that were wrong in the neighborhood and got blank stares. I didn't just form an opinion based on a whim. I talked to people who know him well, I listened to what he had to say. I watched his insipid vain videos. I heard him speak dreck at countless meetings. You saw the END of my interactions. Actually, no, not the end. I sent him an email today congratulating him and he was kind enough to respond. Somehow he's managed to be a great deal bigger than you, kind woman. (yes, I know who you are.)

King County Hospital is expanding because of Mr. Eugene? Wow. I'll mention that to their administrators and see what they think about that. What a remarkable statement! He bought a couple of machines. You've really bought into his crap.

And I wonder...does he actually pretend to be a doctor when he's around actual doctors? Now THAT's hubris.

I'm most definitely not politically savvy. You got that right (though I can spell it!) And yes, I'm a fat old blogger. (though that depends on which blogger I'm standing next too...I suspect there's a few fatter and older, though not many!)

More community centers? A joke. Prove it. Count them.

By the way, I HAVE taken the issue up with DSNY countless times. As chair of Env Protection at CB9 I've met with them and continue to work to deal with the issue. Where has Mr. Mathieu been on it? Pretending that dense population is the reason for trash? Tell that to Manhattan. Hell, East NY and Brownsville are much cleaner. Ride over and tell me I'm joking.

Mr. Eugene managed to not even get 50% of the vote as an incumbent. That speaks volumes. It's not due to this fat old blogger - it's because he's done nothing, said nothing, led nothing and is the laughing stock of the City Council.

"We spit on those..." Hmmm. Now I definitely know who you are.

Look forward to getting spat on by you sometime soon. Me, I'll just keep trying to bring people together for the good of the community and more importantly, champion the people who are actually doing something. And not getting paid $150,000 (with those loveable cash lulus) to do it.

My name is Timothy James Thomas and you know how to reach me.

Anonymous said...


I think what you do here is a real service to the community. You are not some anonymous hack like so many commenters I know who complain but never attend meetings--I know you work hard for the, er, privilege of being able to criticize a man who has power, and somehow happens to retain such power, over at least certain members of the district.

I appreciate that you don't claim to be unbiased. I was not particularly a Saundra fan, but as Kinard completely dropped the ball on actually reaching out to the community (for the second year in a row), I voted for Saundra in the hopes of some... chance at change. For what she seems to lack in a specific stance on many issues, I believe she'd make up, and far surpass Eugene, in initiative. It's sad to see her lose by the margin that she did. Grant was never a contender, but Sylvia lost my confidence by leaning on her credentials and trying to have it both ways.

All this being said, I have to admit I'm curious about the rest of your email correspondence with Eugene. Why congratulate someone if you have such a good handle on how little he's going to do in the next four years--and worse, how damaging the actions he does take (i.e. mouthing off to constituents like you in a threatening manner) will be? I wonder what each of you said in the exchange, if you're willing to share.

Thanks for all your hard work.

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI Eugene does not write emails, he doesn't know how. I am not joking . It was a definitely a staffer who responded.

Anonymous said...

We spit on you.... What a typical vivia Morgan type thing to say

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Anon 11:55. I was under the impression that congratulating the winner was being a good sport. It's not like I wish the man ill will personally. I mean, to date he hasn't dishonored my mother or threatened to kill me. This is politics, after all, and being a sore loser doesn't help anyone's cause. All the other candidates for office are now patting each other's backs and pledging to work together (no matter how they might feel privately.) I'm still shocked at how poorly he fared considering the turnout, the low voter recognition of the other candidates, and the power of incumbency. We said something to him, to the community, and to each other. That's got me hopeful.

As to his response, it was a cut and pasted stock answer and made me laugh out loud. It was the very sort of thing that infuriated me so through the years. Here the guy who knocked you around for the last couple months writes a conciliatory email, and you send back your stump speech!

No, you can't make this stuff up.

I was glad to get a response at all, frankly. Let's all move forward with what we have and make the best of it, shall we?

Anonymous said...

anon 5:01 sept 13 said:

I've worked with him (Eugene) on countless projects and find the "do nothing" and "corrupt" attitude...

Countless projects? In this case, "countless" equals ZERO.

As for Doctor, yeah, Eugene's a doctor like Colonel Sanders was a battalion commander.

Anonymous said...

We need to get behind Kinard. And if she doesn't want to campaign hard here in PLG then whatever, we get word out for her ourselves. She's fine as a candidate. She's got my vote.

Not into politics give me the facts said...

to those of you that say he does "NOTHING" im curious to know what it is, exactly, that you expect of him? I feel like any issue I've brought up to him has been addressed. From sanitation, (there's really but so much you can do about that) to crime (gun buy back programs and youth organizations). Its easy to say simply "he hasn't done anything". I need examples. Every person I've spoken to that opposes Eugene says the same thing, generic answers that seem to come from the same place. I'd love to know what the "vision" is for this neighborhood. I've lived here my whole life and knew nothing about community boards or their meetings. I question how effective they really are and wouldn't be surprised if Eugene found them to be a waste of time. He knows about the hard hitting issues affecting this community and addresses them the best way he knows how. And in THIS community churches and these small organizations are what keeps kids busy and off the streets. while you're all concerned about trash building up in a corner somewhere (in NYC what a shocker)children are being killed,and gang violence is still prevalent. Forget politics! I don't need a politician. I want someone who cares, someone who addresses the right issues for this community. I've seen this man work with tenants and landlords hands- on. what kills me is that he could easily show you a track record of what he's done (which would probably be better than him telling you honestly. I don't believe that he's the best person to represent himself), but he chooses not to shut you up for some reason.I know people he's helped,FAMILIES. To me, that's what counts.
P.S. people who make a big deal about typos in the comments section need to get a hobby.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Seriously? Now it's OUR job to tell him what matters? Why doesn't he do some research and find out what we need and what''s working in other districts? Why not find out what effective leaders are doing elsewhere? Take some initiative? Stop in at neighborhood meetings once in awhile. Call meetings, don't just react. Bring people together then FOLLOW THROUGH.

You ask us to send you a list of what he "hasn't done?" How about the list of what he has done? None of those things, by the way, were things he took the initiative on, by the way. The millions of dollars to Kings County to buy equipment? Put it to a vote - did the community think that was the best use of that money? He wouldn't have the slightest idea.

Read the Community Board's requests for the budget? Didn't even KNOW WHAT IT WAS.

It's HIS job to show us what he's doing. Saying you're doing "it all" as he said at a forum is not the same as telling us EXACTLY WHAT YOU'RE DOING. He rarely communicates with his district AT ALL! Website? Nothing. Press releases? Rarely, and insipid. And when you go to him with a problem he passes it on to a staffer with completely zero experience.

The point is, and this is the one you're missing, is that he doesn't lead. He is an elected LEADER. Sheesh and criminy, are you that daft that you would just accept the answer "nothing can be done about it?" Horseshit. This City is OURS. ANYTHING can be changed if we want it to.

He does NOT know his district. Ask him what are his favorite three restaurants. Seriously. See what he comes up with. Which schools are innovative, which are struggling. Ask him about demographics, the Census, or the economics of the neighborhood. Ask him what sorts of anti-gang measures are working elsewhere. Ask him which non-profit groups deserve more help than he can give, and why he isn't helping them get attention and more fundraising dollars. Ask him which council people he admires and aspires to. Ask him who runs various organizations. Better yet, ask him about what's going on outside his district and what sorts of things he'd like to see happen here. But ask him not to mention his home neighborhood of Canarsie. He's too familiar with that one.

Your comment speaks volumes about why this district is stuck with him for another four years. You have so little interest in your community that you would actually defend the single least effective councilman in the City. Don't just ask me. Ask ANYONE with knowledge, not just the pastor of the church basement senior center to which he gave an outsize gift of $5,000, or the immigrant who benefited from free services out of his office that Eugene did not pay for and were provided by an outside organization that does that anyway...AS THEIR MISSION. And will continue to do, even after Eugene finally gets booted. The guy would take credit for the weather if he could get away with it.

Well, you certainly with the award for getting my goose this morning!

Anonymous said...

Oh Tim, so you wanna know what Dr. Eugene's 3 favorite restaurants are? What are you, his dietitian? You wanna know what projects he's working on? Or maybe you wanna know how many times Dr. Eugene move his bowels? Hmm??? I think you've become more than just a "concerned" citizen. You've morphed into an obsessed fan who's mad because you didn't get a handshake. You should check yourself at KCHC. Have them monitor your bp because you've become unhinged with that last response which is not surprising given your tantrums on this sad lonely blog. After that, you might wanna head over to the psychiatric ward.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Obviously, I suffer fools gladly. Your words suit you sir/madame!

Anonymous said...

It's obvious the point about the restaurants is a way to highlight that he(mathieu ) doesn't know the ins and out of his district.