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Friday, September 6, 2013

The Haunted House of Clarkson: Sold?

There's Brownstoner again, swooping in and telling us the things we need to know. Like the fact that 111 Clarkson has been rumored sold and that the buyer, a corp not an individual, will likely restore the Haunted House and develop the rest of the land, which is extensive - it goes all the way north to Parkside.

Good news? Who knows. In this wacky world of Brooklyn real estate it's anyone's guess. One thing's likely: that wild little islandsy store in the parking lot on the Parkside side won't likely be coming back.

Where does Brownstoner get these tips anyway? And why don't they send it to me first? Wahhhh...what am I chopped gravy?

from the Brownstoner
story forwarded by the ever eagle-eyed Matt. P.

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