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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Screening of "My Brooklyn" And Lefferts Development Discussion This Saturday

Howdy neighbors. Folks can't get enough of the conversation of neighborhoodal change, and this Saturday you can join in the conversation guess what IN PERSON! Believe me, I know how much fun it can be to communicate on the screen, but nothing beats a face to face.

Here's the flyer. Please share widely!

Not for nothing, I think the picture on the flyer is unnecessarily provocative, since the building on Flatbush by Hudson is a done deal. But I think the point is that instead of having development happen TO us, we might want to have a say in issues of zoning and land use. Or that's how I took it anyway. Clearly, there's lots to talk about!


Anonymous said...

yeah, I was curious about the choice of graphics for that flyer. Are the sponsors of this forum trying to scare people into opposition of the project? It's happening, for one, and we haven't even seen the final renderings. But if as they say it will have a 100-foot setback on the lot, it's going to be vastly less imposing than the Patio Gardens towers, which rise 16 stories from the sidewalk. One thing I'm curious about: the proposed building at 626 is supposed to cover only a small part of the lot, and there will be an open sort of plaza/mews area. Is this going to be public space, with benches and what not? or will it be a sort of private courtyard off Flatbush reserved for the residents of the building?

They began demolition of the building at 626 Flatbush last night. I saw crews of workmen at midnight filling a garbage truck. This is really happening, and it's going to represent a tectonic shift for the neighborhood. It's going to be very interesting to watch.

In general I think a neighborhood discussion on development and gentrification is important, but if it's starting from a point of fear-mongering and NIMBYism, then it's just static.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord, there were a bunch of emails thrown around on the PLG list serve talking about gentrification. Get this through your thick skulls people, gentrification is not here!!

If gentrification was here I would not be the only white guy walking down Nostrand Avenue every day and night.

If gentrification was here, there would not be bullets flying by my window every other night.

If gentrification was here, poor Mr. Q would not have to constantly post garbage pics on this blog.

If gentrification was here, 95% of all of the retail storefronts in this neighborhood would not be nail salons, 99 cent stores, or a fast food restaurant.

That's my two cents and you can either take it or dismiss it.

Clarkson FlatBed said...


Anonymous said...

Don't feed the trolls Mr. Q!

-Paul G.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Paul: You think he's a troll? I don't. I think his attitude is pretty common actually.

And despite my disagreeing with him, I'm glad to host his opinion here. It's worth airing. And I honestly think he's for real. Wish he'd use a screen name though (hint!)

Anonymous said...

Oh just relax Q, if you took my post to be honest then you need to hone your sarcasm radar. But I do honestly believe gentrification is not going to one day take over the entire neighborhood, it is and will be a slow drawn out process. I can almost guarantee you that.

So if you want to take my advice save yourself the hassle of attending this ultra-liberal event and spend your Saturday instead with your family. When your on your death bed its really family that matters.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

You're right in that biting sarcasm is not needed. I took down my snide remarks. I think your comments speaks for itself.

I most whole-heartedly agree with your comment about family. For me though, spending time with my family includes sharing my values with them. They'll make up their own minds. But I hope to share a little bit about who Daddy is and what he believes.

And for the sake of my family I try to work some of this stuff out that's rolling around in my brain here so I don't endlessly bore them with it at home!

shelley said...

Hi All,

In response to Anon 10:45am. I am on the PLGNA Board, one of the groups sponsoring the film and I am in support of this building getting built. From what I understand from our last PLGNA board meeting, PLGNA is in support of an honest conversation about what the neighborhood would want for future zoning laws and then work towards getting said rules/regulations in the books. Though let it be known that not everyone may share my view point.

From reading the neighborhood list serve and several comments most would think that the majority of PLG is against the building. This week I've been handing out fliers in our store, much to my surprise, the majority of our customers are in support of this building being built (to be honest, not one person has been against this new building thus far).

IF the construction of this building would mean that residents would be losing their home, I would oppose, but in this case no one is losing their home...maybe their view...

Personally, I think the biggest challenge with this meeting/film screening is trying to reach the majority of our neighbors, so you can really have an honest conversation, true to what our community wants. A very small percentage of PLG is aware of the Leffets listserve and the Q at Parkside Blog.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Shelley: How DARE you! If my numbers are correct, the Q reaches nearly 5% of the Lefferts community! Are you suggesting that 5% is not all? That $5 is not $100? That one vote is not worth 20?

I wholly concur that this conversation is happening above, below and around the people most affected. It's a damn shame if you ask me...

babs said...

I do agree that the use of Jay Condo (100 Jay St) on the flyer was ill-considered. It is in DUMBO, not the area discussed in the accompanying film. Although it was also developed by Hudson Companies, it was built as luxury condominiums (not a mixed market/affordable rental building). As I've stated here in the past, I've worked with Hudson on numerous occasions (including renting out several sponsor-owned units in Jay Condo) and have found them to be honest and transparent in their development process.

This scare tactic really turned me off from attending the meeting; I am glad to hear from Shelley that at least some PLGNA members are in favor of this project, as that is NOT what I inferred from the imagery.

shelley said...

My review from Saturday's Film, Q&A.
The group who put on the event did a fabulous job! One of my worries going in is that the crowd in attendance wouldn't rep our lovely 'hood. the crowd in attendance was one of the most diverse (age, race, whathaveyou) that I've seen at a community event in a long time. Deborah & Nancy did a GREAT job moderating! I missed Nelson's and Suki's opening speech, so no comment there. The film was very interesting, I suggest that if you have one hour and seventeen minutes to spare you take a look at it. I felt encouraged during the Q&A when the director, Kelly, said that we seemed more organized than most in challenging/controlling development in our neighborhood. I still stand with the notion that I don't think this development that is starting is bad, though I do think we need contextual zoning est. ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Be careful what you wish for. For many of the loudest voices on this issue and who are on the PLGNA, "context" means a brick building only a few stories high which means there's no profit to be made because a good developer who builds better quality buildings can't build enough units. Which means one of three things happen: nothing is built (which I suspect is what those folks really want); a city owned building is built and we know what that means; or a huge corporate chain as the only private company that can afford it and profit from it builds a hideous Ratner type commercial development complete with an Applebees.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully, there are voices on both sides of the issue, and given that there are already tall buildings along Flatbush, "contextual" ought to mean more than just a few stories. People should be comfortable with restrictions around 10-12.