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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Parkside Ave - The Trees Are Coming!

Along Parkside, east of the Q, on towards the Flabenue, you'll see strange white markings on the ground. Graffiti? Only of the best kind.

These are the markings for the tree pits folks. For real trees. We're going to have a ton of trees leading down Parkside towards the park, just part of the whole Parkside Plaza initiative. To the whole committee that's been working on this for a couple years now - wow. You really can move mountains around here. Can't wait to see them in the ground. The trees that is, not mountains.

Let's just be sure, however, that the Parks D doesn't choose to plant Bicycle Trees like this one in front of 225 Parkside:

Rather than unchain and potentially destroy this tot's bike, the pavers merely moved it up the pole and poured cement under it. I wonder how long it will stay there? Til spring? Any bettors out there want to wager?


Anonymous said...

ok, hugely in support of these trees being put in, but as has been seen from the deaths now of two pairs of trees in front of 225 Parkside, if they aren't very attentively stewarded in the first few years they are almost guaranteed to die. Four years ago, two tulip poplars were planted in front of 225. They both died after a season. Then, two sweet gums were planted, and they both died (one struggled on to the end of this summer and kicked it about a month ago.) Parkside avenue is a hugely high impact/high stress environment for young trees. There's very little shade on that side of the street, there's constantly people cutting across the tree pits and impacting the roots, nobody EVER watered the trees in front of 225, and the species selected (by the parks dept's own guidelines) were inappropriate for the site. I don't know what is the most bomb-resistant species to plant, but whatever that is should go there. Saguaro cactus? Seriously though Q, I am hugely for the planting of these trees, but we have to have a concerted effort to protect them, including getting some kind of tree pit guards to keep people from walking across them on the way to the buses. Otherwise we're in for a bunch of heartbreak. I'm totally glad to volunteer if there's a real coordinated effort to steward these trees.

Anonymous said...

per this list of approved trees, I'd vote for Pin Oak or Japanese Zelkova. We need some tough trees for this site:

JDB said...

This is great. Shows what a group of very determined people can get done. I am happy to be part of any group that will help maintain these trees but much of the work should be done by the Pioneer. This is going to make the street more inviting and increase traffic in front of their store. They need to take some responsibility.

As far as the bike tree, I hope it bears fruit, my kid could use a new bike. But I think it will only last until just before Christmas.

Rudy on Winthrop said...

Hi, Anon, Anon, and JDB.

We'd welcome your help keeping the trees alive! Watch this blog for the next big meeting of the Parkside Committee, in mid-November.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

That's right Mr. Delson. To use two ridiculously overused references in one quote:

"It Takes A Village for A Tree to Grow In Brooklyn"

btw the whole reason Pioneer was engaged during the process was to get their buy-in and better yet to get them to water and at the very least to let us use their taps. rudy and in and company went out of their way to be sure pioneer was okay with the placement so their deliveries wouldn't be screwed with. very schmaht, very very schmaht...thankfully hector and company obliged so far.

Anonymous said...

Looks like this is extending to tree guards as well, I just noticed markings for the expansion of open soil around trees on Ocean Lincoln.
remember that new trees need lots and lots of water, old ones too. We have a bunch of new trees in front of 125 Ocean, their survival can be directly related to a wonderful tenet in our building who took care of these tree religiously. Im afraid if the same doesn't happen on Parkside those trees wont make it

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Anon 10:17 (why anon? we're talking about trees!) Actually, the guards on Ocean are ALL Amy's doing. She refused to take no for an answer from the Borough President's office when her block was turned down during that application process for tree guards. Basically, one woman is responsible for a whole host of improvements, tree plantings, and regular mulchings and clean-up efforts. She is a powerhouse, and a neighborhood hero. Tip of the hat to you madame!

Naomi on Clarkson said...

Who is this Amy and when can she share her super advocacy powers?! Seriously, I'd love to hear what has been effective. The Q's own block was also rejected for tree guards and it sounds from Amy's success that we should put up more of a fight. Tim, feel free to share my email with Amy.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Done and done. Always happy to connect people of like minds and interests...