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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Tiny 71st and DOT Flatbush Corridor Mtg Coming Up!

1. According to the precinct, the 71st is the smallest by land. That is to say, we are roughly a square mile but more than 100,000 people. We are denser than even seemingly denser and taller nabes on Manhattan? Really? Well, remember Ebberts Houses - that's 12,000 people right there. Can't confirm that. Choice tidbit though. Especially given the 1-family thingamajig happening in the Manor, which obviously is but a sliver of the pie.

2. Master Ed Fanning, your CB9 chair of Transportation, says that despite the fact that the Flatbush Corridor project of DOT will present their finished plan to y'all later this month, they're going to try to fix the Lincoln/Washington/Flatbush cluster#@ck immediately. I posted on the hole project here.

Oh, and guess what? The poster for the Flatbush Corridor meeting came in from Pearl Miles as I wrote that.

Okay, three things. I was challenged by a commenter so I wrote this about the Nethermead being closed down again. This time to celebrate the love that is Nickelodeon:


JDB said...

The Flatbush changes will have a huge impact on quality of life in the area. This is great news!

MattOnLincoln said...

Yay to immediately stopping the death-defying left turn from Lincoln to Washington!

Ed Fanning told me a couple months ago that the initial plans for slowing traffic on Rogers is trickle-down rather than focused: DOT contends that the shift of the northbound B44 express (SBS) bus to Rogers will slow down traffic. Changing the light pattern would be the second step, if necessary. It seems very necessary to me.

Anonymous said...

Q why no posts about the event being held in Prospect Park for a Nickelodeon Kids Event this Saturday. It's going to be worst than Googa Mooga. Maybe u and the rest of the community are bias because u have kids!! Discrimination at its finest.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Funny you should mention it. I have a call into our friend at the Park to find out how much they'll be making. Anything less than a quarter million net and my stomach is prepared to launch my lunch.

Think about the cynical reality - the station most implicated in obesity and commercialism of childhood going "dark" for three hours in order to get kids to go outside. To the Nethermead, which has been made un-playable for a week, a place that kids love to run around, as my own did last weekend, as if they need to be TOLD to play outside. In order to sell more schlock and pump up the brands of an MTV offshoot.

No thank-you. Why not post? Because I'm sick of the issue frankly. If this is how the Board of the park wants to close the gap rather than looking for real donors and new leaders, nothing I can do will persuade them.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone who reads this blog attend? When is work scheduled to begin?