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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dogs R Us

You may remember (or probably not) my winning marketing campaign for Rogers Avenue.

Rogers Ave - Where specialties are our specialty!

The Q was thrilled by the shop that opened there for grooming and boarding pets called Bow Wow Pet Boutique and lamented its demise. What a treat then to see that it's basically resurfaced as Furry Paws and Claws. at 521 Rogers near Rutland. Don't let the name fool you! You can't take your bear or tiger there...they don't mean ALL paws and claws. I'm pretty sure it's about the dogs and cats. But they even have a vet on premises AND a guy who spells his name Gairy, which I think is too awesome. Below are pictures of all the fabulous folks at Furry including Lloyd, Chatila, Stephen, Taya and lead groomer Andera. (though sadly no Gairy in the picture - he's real though!) so Hurry on over to Furry and check them out. First customer to mention the Q gets a free doggy weave (real Indian dog hair!)

Furry Pawz & Clawz Pet Salon is your Pet's "friendly home away from home" located in the Prospect Lefferts Garden neighborhood of Brooklyn. We offer a friendly, clean and professional pet grooming environment for your furry loved ones, catering to both dogs and cats.
Our professional grooming done by Andrea, the groomer you've come to know and love offers many benefits including keeping your pet's coat and ears in good condition, increasing the comfort and social acceptability for your beloved pet while eliminating odor and promoting the overall health of your furry friend. Frequent grooming will make your pet feel and look better while maintaining grey health.
We offer the following services: Grooming; Veterinary Care; Boarding; Daycare; Pick-up and Drop Off; Dog Walking; and in-home services.


Anonymous said...

They are fantastic! Great prices and my yorkies have never looked cuter.

Unknown said...

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