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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Meet Me For Cocktails at...Beekman Place?

The Q's spies are everywhere, and thank goodness! A full-time working father of two spastic lovebugs can't be pounding the pavement for small-town stories as big as this one. Remember when I noted a couple posts ago that the building at Beekman and Flatbush had been sold for $1.7m? Well, a Q reader reports she overheard a discussion at TotT about their opening a new cocktail bar (I thought that phrase went out with the Brat Pack) at that very corner, to be named, perhaps, Beekman Place. As early as summer. Cafe by day as well.

I know, I know. Sounds crazy, but probably no crazier than it sounded when people first opened upscale joints on Franklin or in Bed Stuy. And make no mistake, this is NOT the same place as the gastropub that's opening at Midwood and Flatbush.

Which reminds me of a funny story. When the Q was 16, growing up in Ames, IA, he wanted to go see a local rockabilly band called Boys With Toys. Problem was, they were playing at a 19-up club (the drinking age was 19). My friend Tim Rood and I decided to chance it. At that point, they'd usually only "card" you when you ordered, not at the door. We had a plan. When the waitress came to our table, we both ordered (get this) a Mai Tai. Yes, complete with the little umbrellas. It was the only proper cocktail we'd ever heard of, and we figured if we ordered something exotic we couldn't POSSIBLY be underage. Worked like a charm.

We drank many mai tais that night and the band was great. I intended to keep every single one of those little umbrellas, but accidentally left them in the bathroom in an alcoholic haze.

Next time, remind me to tell you the Adam Ant story...


Unknown said...

Rockabilly?! That is going back a ways. However it is nice to see a man of your advanced years embracing technology such as this, you got that email yet?

Zola said...

Interesting. As charming as the luggage out on the sidewalk would be great to see a nice little bar/cafe on that block.

Maximus said...

Any chance it'll be where the laundromat is instead of the 99 cent store? As things get fancier and prices creep up, I'd like to hang on to that little spot as long as possible.

That and I am totally in to this budding business competition starting between The People Who Brought You Tugboat and TotT. We all win here.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

To be clear, the people opening the cocktail place were discussing it at TotT. The owners of TotT aren't involved.

John said...

Does anyone know of a way to get involved with all this booming business? Maybe something a little more financially involved than donating money (a la kickstarter) but less than being a full fledged investor?

Maximus said...

Clarkson - thanks for clarifying!