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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Montrose Morris - If You Don't Already Love Her Writing, You Will

Todd Heisler/The New York Times

The Q LOVES it when the NY Times does a story that I've been meaning to do for years! I adore Montrose Morris (Suzanne Spellen) and her insights into our borough. She is an NYC treasure hersel, and I hope her story of foreclosure on her home in Crown Heights, has resonance as well. We gotta hang on to the MMs, y'all! Brooklyn's loss is Troy's gain.

Here's the story.


Bob Marvin said...

Several years ago any mention of our neighborhood on Brownstoner brought out insanely negative comments (i.e., only walk through PLG if you want a bullet hole as big as your head in your chest). These apparently came from a nut job, posting under many names, who came to be know as "the Brownstoner Troll."

Suzanne (along with yours truly) was one of our main defenders, which brought her a lot of grief.

Unknown said...

Suzanne Spellen is truly an inspiration to many. It’s not easy to deal with foreclosure and being homeless in the big city, on top of everything else. But she coped up with it and become a stronger person.

Charlena @ Weidner Law