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Friday, December 5, 2014

Councilman or

Maybe the Q is just being pissy...but I've been getting these big deal press releases from our Councilman about single jobs available at the renovated Kings Loews down on Flatbush. I get that he wants to take credit for the renovation, that was really Marty Markowitz's baby that he happened to allocate money to. But now he wants to seem like a job creator by postings for individual positions. The last one was for an administrative assistant. Now this:

With so much going on in this City, I'm honestly disheartened to be represented so poorly in NYC's legislative body. As I've said many times, I bear no grudge against the man personally. But wow, talk about fitting the cheap suit and that's about all.

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no_slappz said...

Will anyone be surprised when this one solitary job is filled by Mattieu Eugene's sister-in-law?