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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

You Win Some...

Chairman Dwayne Nicholson put on his fighting gloves tonight! There he was screaming at us all to behave...or else! Then out of nowhere, once again, it's Fred Baptiste, stage left, bounding to the podium to move that the Q's motion be disallowed! The officials huddled, and the Q pleaded, but to no avail. The forces that would prefer to wait til 2015 to decide whether to move forward won out. Citing "process," a dubious consideration given that no action has taken place in months, the Board decided it would prefer to deliberate in committee, where, I'm quite certain, it will come to basically the same resolution it could have debated and voted on tonight.'s even going to be the SAME people at the committee meeting! Us!!! What are you waiting for? Sheesh.

But let's be clear. The Q is not particularly well liked by the Board. And tonight I was even threatened publicly with removal for even daring to question the wisdom of the Chair by presenting a motion at all. Apparently I'll be called before a tribunal and they, with the Borough President, will remove me. Come and get me ye rascals!

It's crazy y'all. Were any of you involved in student government? It's kind of like that. But rather than soap in the dispensers and when to hold the Prom we're discussing issues of substance, like what our neighborhood will look like as the entire borough goes through the greatest upheaval since the era of Robert Moses.

But I'm not a sore loser. I actually quite like that the Chair said on record that he would hold both a training and a ULURP meeting in January. I'll believe it when I see it. Hey even Ben Edwards (where you been all these months Ben?) claimed he'll hold the meeting in January.

Not like anyone's gonna be watching to keep y'all honest, winky wink.

Score yet another victory for the spoilsports MTOPP. They've really done a number on everyone.

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