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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Toy Drive at MangoSeed

When MangoSeed opened a few years ago, the ma & pa Q checked it out for brunch. Little could we have known that the humble sit-down eatery would become such a mainstay of Flabenue dine 'n' drinkdom.

One way you can know that they've "arrived" is that they're getting down to the business of giving back. This year they're running a toy drive, and it's not just the regulars who are being asked to give. I've gotten to know some of the kids who'll be receiving gifts this year, since many of the recipients will be from a homeless shelter just around the corner from the restaurant. 

From the 'Seed:

"This holiday season, MangoSeed Restaurant will be hosting a toy drive to benefit children living in homeless shelters in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens & Flatbush Brooklyn. We are asking for contributions of new, unwrapped toys to distribute to children of all ages. The holidays can be difficult for our neighbors living in shelters, especially those still suffering from Hurricane Sandy. One gift can mean the world to a child who would otherwise do without. Help us help those less fortunate.

Receive 5% off of your entire bill at MangoSeed Restaurant with each donation!

Support local Business! You can find some great gifts right in the neighborhood at PlayKids, an awesome toy & book store, located on the corner of Flatbush ave & Westbury Ct.

Drop Off Location:
MangoSeed Restaurant
Tuesday – Sunday
During Open Hours of Operation

As to the issue of imbibing, they add:

We also have just launched a new 2-4-1 happy hour and a new seasonal cocktail list using house made syrups from seasonal fruits and herbs. 

Our happy hour is Tuesday-Thursday 4pm-7pm & 10pm-12am, Fridays 4-7pm, and Saturdays 2pm-5pm....

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