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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Shop Local Part Deux: The Discounts

Not only can you shop local, you can get deep discounts and assorted goodies. Hot chocolate? Tea? 50% off fabric? 20% off lingerie?

Come to think of it, if you take 20% off lingerie, you're pretty much naked.

Special Offers:
Blessings Herbs & Coffee - 663 Flatbush Ave
Free herbal tea w/any purchase between 2pm-7pm

Bikram Yoga Park Slope - 507 Flatbush Ave
One hour special on a series of postures adjustment and Q & A

Delroy’s CafĂ© & Wine Bar - 65-67A Fenimore St
10% off your dining experience

Dr. Cuts - 612 Flatbush Ave
$5 off full service hair cuts

Elegant Woolen & Silk - 685 Flatbush Ave
50% off the entire store

Pillow Talk Lingerie Boutique - 696C Flatbush Ave
20% off all in-store purchases

Play Kids - 676 Flatbush Ave
Free family friendly activities

Smile - 581 Flatbush Ave
20% Discount on in-store purchases

Struggs - 675 Flatbush Ave
25% off your in-store purchase

Tafari Tribe - 593 Flatbush Ave
20% off entire store with a minimum purchase of
$20.00 (Sale items not included)

Tip of the Tongue - 43 Lincoln Rd
Free Hot Chocolate

Styles by Lisa Mulzac - 606 Flatbush Ave
One free hot oil treatment w/payment of any priced hairstyles

M&M Jewelry & Cell Phone - 674 Flatbush Ave
50-60% off everything

Scoops & Plates – 624 Flatbush Ave
Ice Cream--Buy one Get one half off

Marcia’s Divas Boutique - 670 Flatbush Ave
20% off entire store

Errol’s Bakery – 661 Flatbush Ave
Beef Pattie--Buy one Get one half off

Golden Crust – 568 Flatbush Ave
$5.00 Fish & Chips

Al’s Roti Shop – 589 Flatbush Ave
Free soda w/$20 purchase

Mike & Tony’s Pizza – 599 Flatbush Ave
“See store for discount”

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