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Friday, December 12, 2014

Interactive Theater Event - Sunday at The Inkwell

 Even after reading the poster, you may wonder as did the Q, what IS this exactly? So I went to one of the creators Rebecca Martinez, and she had this to say:

What this event is, is a different type of theater event.  It is created using interviews from a variety of people in the neighborhood, to get impressions of the neighborhood and its changes from people who have been here for many years, as well as people who have just moved in.

The interviews (all anonymous) are performed lived by actors, some will be a composite of several interviews that perhaps touched on the same issues and some will be pretty close to how we got them. The hope is to represent multiple perspectives in the room and to not push an agenda or take a side, but to create a space where people can meet and speak to each other, hear what's on the minds of their neighbors, and to invite the audience to share their perspectives.

The event will be performative and will invite the audience to participate, but not in a "come up on stage" kind of way - rather in a way that will feature structure.

Have a drink, immerse yourself in your neighborhood. Get out of the house at an early hour. What could be better?

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