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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lefferts Gardens South! A New Name Takes Flight!

The Q Loves Martense! Follow it to Nostrand for the world's best Meat Market, Michael's!

An eagle-eyed Q reader noted the below description of an unusual looking house on Martense described as residing in "Prospect Lefferts Gardens South." (note the lack of hyphen. might this be the defining mark of southern Leffertsonians?) Other interesting tidbits: the listing clearly notes Lefferts newcomer Midwood Flats as being an attraction, Vero Yoga, and Planet Fitness, all of which are clearly part of Prospect-Lefferts Gardens NORTH. And where's the Mason-Dixon line do you suppose? Hawthorne? And the southern tier? Church? Erasmus Hall? Better vote now, or the real estate agents will make the call for us!!!

Classic Victorian- Style, two family frame townhome in the premiere historical neighborhood of Prospect Lefferts Gardens South. This exclusive offering is uniquely suited to todays buyer who is looking to purchase a multi-family home in this prestigious location for a price well below the current record-breaking sales of over $1.5 million. Original details abound in this circa 1920s home with a dramatic entrance that shows off an ornate solid wood staircase. 10 ceilings, stunning wide plank oak floors, classic crown moldings, original wainscoting, and French doors dress the entire home. The main living area is anchored by an impressive exposed brick decorative fireplace and large bay windows. The entire residence includes custom fit window treatments, generous closet space, and solid wood floor to ceiling built-ins. An incredible bonus is a wrought iron and oak spiral staircase on the second floor that leads to a surprisingly large, fully finished attic space with a cathedral steeple ceiling, measuring 14 in height at its peak. Multiple windows adorn this space that was designed by a talented previous owner/architect. This magnificent bonus room that makes for a perfect home office or guest quarters, has a private door that leads to the roof where you can easily add a quaint roof deck for additional outdoor enjoyment. The property also provides the luxury of private parking for two cars on a deep 122-foot lot that still allows for a sizeable backyard and deck. Currently over 2,100 square feet of finished living space with the potential of a complete 2,400SF double duplex layout after finishing the basement. Located within blocks of Prospect Park, Midwood Flats gastro pub, Lincoln Tavern , Vero Yoga, Planet Fitness, and the 2,5, and Q trains. Luxury and value welcome you at the front door of 226 Martense St. Come on home.


jessica said...

You neglected to mention that Lefferts Gardens South is a "premiere" historical neighborhood. Spelled in the French style, natch.

Bob Marvin said...

If it was listed as a "premiere historical neighbourhood", with a u, they could have some cross-channel Anglo-French cachet. I'm puzzled at the lack of any reference to the quaint mid-century permastone facade.

Seriously, I'm not quite as appalled as my friend Barbara about the would-be southward creep of our neighborhood's boundary and I'd much rather see this house marketed like this instead of as a development site.

The marketing isn't all THAT inaccurate; the house IS "located within blocks of Prospect Park, Midwood Flats gastro pub, Lincoln Tavern , Vero Yoga, [and] Planet Fitness". It's also within blocks of Coney Island and Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, if you're not too picky about the exact number of blocks

diak said...

I nearly flunked French in high school so I can't comment on how they spell it but assuming this description is supposed to be in English it's wrong both ways.
"Premiere" with an "e" means the the first performance of an artistic work. "Premier" without an "e" means the absolute first in rank. So unless we've been declared the number one best neighborhood in Brooklyn (okay with me!) then that's wrong too.
I suspect the copy hack who spit this out thought that "premiere" is a synonym for the overused "prime" or "prestige." Wrong.

roxv said...

i went to this open house with my boyfriend, who lives right around the corner from it. when he moved into his place he jokingly referred to it as "PLG south" but also wondered how long it would realistically be before we started seeing the term used on real estate listings! (the answer: not long at all)

luckily the agent didn't have the nerve to use that term in person to the many young parents touring the house. but she did say it was a "hot neighborhood that hadn't been discovered." ?? nevertheless, despite the horrendous facade that is a significant detractor, it is kind of a cool house on the inside. the little weird tower room is a really nice feature, and it even has a large deck/back yard in reasonable shape, which is more than i could say for a lot of the houses in the area that i've seen (including my boyfriend's when he first got it). like bob said i'm pleased it's at least being marketed towards end users and not developers!

Brenda from Flatbush said...

ProLeffGarSo? Hey, it "worked" for NoProPaSo...